Propagating – an update!

It was around this time last month I posted about the succulents I was propagating. See here. I’ve been thinking about posting an update but kept putting it off because I didn’t think they had grown too much. I just took a peek back at that first post and I think it’s kind of hilarious how I was so excited about that little tiny growth. Now they’re starting to look like bonafide plants! They are seriously WAY. TOO. CUTE right now. Take a look…

Below are the stems of the original plants, which seem to be really growing well too. Most of the stems actually have multiple babies growing.

(cuttings from the tops of the original plants)
I’m pretty darn excited, if you haven’t noticed. Every single one of the smaller leaves has shown some growth, some slower than others. The larger leaves seem to be growing a lot slower with the most recent actually only growing roots in the last week. Not all of them have grown something yet but I still have hope for them yet.
Here’s to hoping they keep on growing! And boy, oh boy am I going to have a lot of plants if they do…
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  • They're so darn cute! Any plans on what you'll do with them? I have been growing cacti from seeds and I've ended up with a whole bunch of tiny baby cacti. I thought about giving them away but I love them all! Haha!

    • Uh, continue to grow them, duh! πŸ˜›

      I mean it'd be really nice of me to give some to friends but I do love plants and I haven't yet reached the point where I feel like I have too many.

    • Oh! Also! How long did it take you to grow your cacti and where did you get the seeds? I've been thinking about giving that a shot but remember trying years and years back with no success. I'm sure it was because I knew nothing about gardening at the time but I'm still skeptical of growing them from seeds.

  • I did a challenge once where I took a picture of my plants growth everyday for two months. It amazing me how one day it was half and inch tall and the next it was three inches. I have been wanting to buy a succulent for my patio!! Your posts just make me want it more!

  • Succulents are so wonderful! Just put them in a pot of dirt, give them one drink, set them in the sunshine and they go on and on and on. I think I water my aloe plant once or twice a year.

    • Oh my, even if it looks fine you should definitely be watering your aloe more than that. Ideally every few weeks depending on the size of the plant.

      But I guess, as long as it's alive thats all that matters!

  • I think I'm going to do this too, I really want some succulents that my neighbors have… I hope taking one leave doesn't damage their plants. Also, what is that white thing on the soil? It looks like some kind of fungus D: