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Now that I’ve told you I’m going on another road trip I can subject you to hearing about it all the time just like everyone who has seen me in person this last week or so. It’s essentially all I think about and nearly every other conversation I have is related to it. I just can’t believe it’s actually happening again. *knock on wood* I am SO excited. It’s a little bit too soon to start packing but you best believe I’m already planning what I’ll be packing.

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I’m obviously trying to save every penny I can for the trip. Every thing counts, especially when you’re in In-N-Out territory and are a bit of a burger maniac. Y’all, I cannot wait to eat In-N-Out again!! But the day after I booked my plane ticket I stocked up on film and then went straight to TJ Maxx. I wanted to buy something special to wear on the trip. I tried on a handful of things but wasn’t particularly crazy about anything so I left empty handed.

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Then this morning as I was catching up on the internet after a little three day break (My favorite Canadians came for a visit! More on this soon. I have, uh, 40 billion photos to edit) I saw Modcloth was having a huge summer sale and I immediately set to work browsing for thing I’d love to wear and take on my upcoming trip! There is seriously so much cute stuff marked down right now.

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I’m most interested in finding cozy shirts for the trip. I recently picked up these shorts, which aren’t currently on sale but are worth every penny, and now I just need some tops to go with them. Even though my wardrobe has changed from all dresses to a good mix of jeans and dresses I don’t really seem to have very many shirts.

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The last trip I didn’t take a single dress just because I knew I probably wouldn’t want to wear a dress when I hadn’t showered in a few days. The two above though look so cozy and relaxed I think they might be perfect for long days spent in the car. I’m especially fond of the striped one. I should probably grab it before it sells out in my size!

One of my road trip goals is to actually get photos of myself this trip, proof I was actually there, ya know? Jeff mentioned another couples outfit post in the desert with cactus, and I am 100 kinds of into that idea, I just need to make sure I pack something that will make me feel super cute no matter how sunburnt, and sweaty I am! 

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