Cleveland Botanical Gardens

After a day of exploring, Jesi and I decided we needed some macarons. I knew exactly how to get to Coquette Patisserie from where we were except I’m the worst at city parking. I’m not a skilled parallel parker and I’m basically always confused whether I’m allowed to park somewhere or not. So while looking for parking we took a series of turns that put us near the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. I pointed it out and somehow we ended up deciding thats what we should do next.

I had been there once before but was feeling super shy that day and didn’t take a single photo. This time I was excited to wander around my third greenhouse in a one week period and take tons of pictures. If I wasn’t already excited enough the woman at the counter upon hearing Jesi was visiting from Columbus hyped the place up.You could just tell she was actually excited to work there and share her passion. Seeing people excited about something will always make me excited about it too. I live for enthusiastic people!

Jesi and I hung around in the rainforest section of the glasshouse for so long hoping one of the dozens of butterflies would land on us. Much to our dismay not a single one landed on either of us. I take that back, Jesi claims one landed on her shoulder for about half a second but I wasn’t there to verify it actually happened. Haha. Even if we couldn’t get any love from the butterflies, it was still awesome to be surrounded by them.

Admission is $11 per person, and if you want to park in the garage you’ll have to shell out a few more bucks which seems pretty steep especially when you can go to Rockefeller Park Greenhouse for free. Alas, Rockefeller doesn’t have butterflies and isn’t super close to some of the best macarons in Cleveland, two major things this place has going for it.

Author: Kaylah

Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • I like the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, and I, too, am from Columbus (we have Franklin Park Conservatory). I can sympathize with your parking woes. I was way impressed when my husband successfully parallel-parked at the Westside Market on Friday. Of course he sort of cheated by using the dashboard camera on his Prius, but still, did a much better job than I could have done.

    Have you ever been to Moonstruck in Little Italy? It's this cool little shop that sells artsy sort of things and they have some anatomical posters you would probably like. My husband thought they were cool and pointed them out to me. I told him I knew someone else who would probably like them and made a mental note to tell you when I got back home. There's a funky little TV there that I would have liked, but not sure where it would go, so I walked away. You should seriously check out this place (and then get some delicious pastries at the Italian bakeries nearby).