expired Polaroid film

Two days before leaving on my big road trip I was aimlessly browsing craigslist. I was checking out apartments in Phoenix (not that I’m actually considering moving but it’s fun to day dream, aye?), looking at free stuff in Cleveland, and going down the list of things I search for in the for sale section when I remember that craigslist exists. One of those things includes film. There was a post from eleven days previous for four packs of original Polaroid film, as well as two Polaroid cameras. The price for all those things was around the same price I’d expect to pay for one of those packs of film. I immediately emailed, not expecting too much since it had been listed for nearly two weeks already.

I got an email back almost immediately stating that someone else has already emailed and would be coming to get the film and cameras the next day. I emailed back, thanked them, and let them know if there was any more film I was definitely interested. No big deal. It was a bummer to get all excited about it only to hear it was already spoken for but it really did seem like too good of a deal to be true.

The next day, mid bike ride while taking a bubble tea break at my new favorite spot, I got an email – the person who had emailed before me didn’t want to make the hour drive to pick up the film. We biked home, and immediately hopped in the car to get the film. I was ecstatic, I couldn’t believe it. Right before we left I got nervous. There was just no way that I could be getting this good of a deal, and right when I would want the film. Whoever made the listing had to be a murderer, especially since we have to drive an hour outside the city to buy it.

The price was worth the risk but I wasn’t really expecting too much from Polaroid film that was ten years out of date. The first photo I took was in Saguaro National Park, the first photo in the post. I forgot how quickly real Polaroid film developed. I’m so used to Impossible Project film that takes around twenty minutes. Before even making it to the car I was squealing with excitement, the film worked and the picture looked dang awesome!

After the first photo I was SO excited to shoot with my Polaroid camera. Some photos turned out better than others but all in all I’d consider this a very very good purchase. The colors are so dreamy. I forgot how much I absolutely love real Polaroid film, even ten years out of date and this stuff is still amazing. I can’t believe the timing worked out so perfectly that I’d stumble upon the listing right before the trip. I feel like the luckiest gal in the world!

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