Friday Favorites #315

You guys!!! I love growing crystals, but I had yet to see a cactus crystal growing kit! This is kind of a must have!
I agree with this card.
(via: Moorea Seal)
 Because who doesn’t want to sleep in a giant pizza sleeping bag?! Maybe a baked potato bean bag chair is more your style?
The perfect lapel pin to wear on your off days.
 (via: Ruined Rep)
I know I’ve featured Sign Fail on here more than once, but c’mon, this sign is just too good.
 (via: Sign Fail)
I thought my barbie polaroid was cool, but legoland one kind of just blows it out of the water. I love colorful cameras.
I want everything I send to be sealed up with this tape.
This brooch makes me wish I owned more shirts with pockets. 
 (via: MosMea)
Ahh! Look how awesome this cactus light is!
(via: saw & steel)
 Ah! This pin!
Check out this shirt
Oh look, another cactus themed item. What can I say? I’ve got a one track mind. Less than a week from now I’ll be in the desert and I am very excited to say the least.
(via: Yeah Bunny)
Way way way into these recently released circle skirts by The Paraders. PS. They’re also having a huge giveaway where a winner is chosen every day of the week. It’s super simple to enter and there are oodles of ways to earn entries. Check out the details here.

(via: The Paraders

Link Love…
▴ Similar to the first cactus in this post, except you can print this one from home just for decoration!
▴ I honestly don’t currently read too many blogs so I’ve been on a hunt these last few weeks to add more to my daily reading list. The Passionfruit Ads Marketplace is obviously a great place to look if you’re trying to find blogs to advertise on but I’ve found it’s a great place to find new ones to read. You can even search on there by topics or keywords!
▴ LOVE this bra! Actually I basically just love everything in Toru & Naoko’s shop.
▴ I certainly don’t need a new wallet, but I swear I just keep seeing this one everywhere I look. It’s like it’s a sign…
▴ I like this post by Sam, Beyond The Crop. It’s a fun little reminder that things usually aren’t what they seem in perfect photos.

Hope you have an excellent Friday!
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