Friday Favorites #316

Look at this patch!
 (via: Ello There)
Aaaand yet another awesome patch!
 (via:Asilda Store)
This is such a pretty print.
 (via: United Thread)
Holy smokes. Would you take a peek at this place? It’s incredible.
(via: Moon to Moon)
 I am the least musically inclined human ever but this DIY music box is way too cool.
This is a pennant I can get behind!
 (via: Grace D Chin)
Positively obsessed with this donut bag!
(via: Nasty Gal)
Holy smokes. These shoes are snazzy!

Link Love…
▴ Cooking really isn’t my thing, but I do love eating. This balcony grill is too cool!
▴ It’s things like this that make me wish the internet was scratch and sniff, harvest apples soap!
▴ Every year I think about how much fun it would be to fly a kite. How cute is this shark kite?!
▴ Speaking of not being good at cooking, this is one of my favorite comics. I can so relate.
▴ This garnet ring is very pretty.
▴ Hey Portlanders! On the third Thursday of every month (so next week!) Passionfruit Ads hosts #pfopenstudio, a super awesome way to meet other bloggers. Sooo wish I could go!

Happy Friday!

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