what I wore : swans + summer legs

jean jacket –thrifted
back patch – Stay Home Club
belt – thrifted
boots – Palladium Boots
pins – Good Vibes Only by Pintrill, Cat by I like Cats, Pineapple by Valley Cruise Press

I’ve got my summer legs going on. Summer legs being when I’m covered in scratches, bruises, mosquito bites, and of course, an uneven tan finishes off the whole look. They don’t look too rough in these photos but they feel it (the lighting was definitely doing me some favors!) After spending the day previous traipsing around in the woods in shorts it actually stung to put on lotion and sunscreen. Women’s bodies, according to the media, are supposed to be flawless. We’re supposed to have long, lean, absolutely smooth barbie legs. Every year for as long as I can remember this is what my legs look like as soon as the weather warms up. I’ve never felt uncomfortable about it, but rather worn all those things as little badges of a summer well spent. My legs, especially my knees, are covered in scars. I can’t recall what they’re all from but I’m willing to bet they’re all from something fun. I like my summer legs, a lot.

Speaking of leg stuff, I am all about this boot and dress combo. Over the fall and winter I slowly but surely amassed a pretty awesome collection of Palladium Boots except I wasn’t sure how they’d translate into my summer wardrobe. Although I’ve managed to pull it off with a few outfits in the past (see here + here) I was still nervous they’d have to be put away until jean weather came back around. Nope, I’m way into not only how dresses and boots look but how I feel in them. It’s a fun combo. Something about a good pair of boots just makes me feel invincible.

So basically the gist of this whole post is I feel real good. I also might have been trying to talk myself into getting a new pair of boots from Palladium Boot’s macaron collection. Just look at those colors!! So darn pretty.

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