what we wore : black + white

my details
boots – Palladium Boots
camera bag – Bellbrook via JoTotes
jeff’s details
shorts – Levi’s
shoes – Toms

I love the idea of taking outfit photos with Jeff except it’s basically impossible for us to take photos together that aren’t just a lovey dovey mess. At one point I stopped to say “we cannot have every photo be of us kissing!” so he then put me in a headlock and tried to take prom style photos. Not going to lie though, I love love love all the mushy photos of us together. I don’t normally save too many outtakes when I take outfit photos by myself but I save so many of the two of us. What can I say, I just think we’re the cutest. On a semi related note : At an estate sale shortly after we started dating a woman running the sale came up to us and said “You two are so cute you should be on a cake” That still cracks me up. It’s such a funny statement.

By the time this post goes live we’ll be on the other side of the United States starting our second big road trip together so today seems like a pretty cute time to post these photos. I’ve got this whole week queued up with fun posts so nothing here will seem any different despite the fact I won’t be around too much. I’m sure we’ll also be extra active on instagram. You can follow the trip on on both of our instagram accounts – mine + Jeff’s

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