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I’ve been living in my “new” apartment for around four months now. It took a while but I’m finally at a point with my office where I’m super happy with how it’s shaping up. My apartment has two bedrooms. I took the larger of the two for my office. Partly because why would I need to sleep in such a large room? But mostly because the evening light is perfect in here. I’m definitely most productive in the morning but the lighting in here as the sun starts to go down is so relaxing and a boost to my energy level.  Bonus points for the fact that my plants are absolutely thriving in this room.

The newest addition to this room, and what finally made it feel finished to me was adding a second desk. After I started sewing again I realized having a second desk was a necessity. I didn’t feel comfortable sewing on the glass top of my computer desk and it was annoying to have to always be scooting my computer and papers out of the way. The right side of the room was a bit heavy anyway so adding the second desk to sew at not only gave me more room to work but balanced out the room.

Just like every other room in my apartment, other than my living room, I still wouldn’t consider it 100% finished. I’m sure there will be lots of little changes here and there for as long as I live here but for right now, I love it! It’s fun to have so much space dedicated to work. As much as I loved the office in my last apartment, working in a corner of the living room wasn’t exactly ideal. This is my favorite office space to date!

Sources : 
sewing desk + computer desk
paranoid pennant
jackalope jewelry holder
tooth pencil holder
ice cream cone lamp
Lockers were the best craigslist score ever, and nearly everything else was picked up second hand.

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  • I miss the super large office I had in our last home. The one I am currently in does have a large bedroom in the basement that I could use as my office, but I enjoy the view of the front yard out the window in this smaller room. *sigh* AND, this room is far away from my husband's home office which is a good thing… Hey, we all need our space.

    • Haha!

      A good view definitely makes or breaks a room for me! In the home I lived in before Cleveland I had the whole, massive, basement to work in but I hated it down there. I moved my office upstairs into a MUCH MUCH MUCH smaller room and was so much more productive because of it.

  • Thank you for sharing! My office furniture always gets thrown against the wall and seeing your layout inspires me to shake things up a bit. I made the mistake of buying a huge sewing table years ago and it always dominates the room. The plus side is it has adjustable legs which I raised to standing level recently. Oof, time to make a huge mess to get someplace different. Do you rearrange your furniture regularly or do you stick with what works?

    • I usually stick with what works. I mean maybe someday down the road I'll move the desks around but those lockers certainly aren't moving! Hah!

  • on the 3rd photo up from the bottom, what are the lined note cards with the rounded corners? ps…love your space and how organized and clean you are!!!! pas….i'm a tooth person, too 🙂