Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is sneaking up. Well, not really sneaking… I’ve been saying “my birthday is soon” since probably the first of the year but we’ve finally reached the time where it’s actually soon. On August 2nd I will have been alive for a quarter of a century. I’m always excited about my birthday but I feel like this is kind of a big one.

1 // I’ve been wanting to upgrade my camera for a while now. I’ve just been saving money without having a camera in mind because I knew as soon as I figured out which one I wanted it would drive me crazy not to purchase it right away. I finally decided that the Canon 70D would best suit my needs…and now it’s basically all I think about.
2 // Y’all know how much I love macarons… so you’re most likely not surprised at all a macaron subscription is on this list, right?
3 // A while back I borrowed Jeff’s 35mm 1.4 lens. It was love at first photo. I borrow it every chance I get. That lens made me realize how important good glass was. I want my own L series lens. I always loved my 50mm lens so I feel like the 50mm 1.2 is the obvious choice for me. I will own this lens someday!
4 // Of course there is a black + white striped dress on this list.
5 // Love love looooove these new boots from Palladium Boots. Actually, any pair of Palladium Boots would make me a happy gal!
6 // I need all of The Shins albums on vinyl.
7 // An anatomy model of a human skull is the one thing I just cannot seem to get my paws on. I actually attended an estate sale a while back specifically because I saw that they had one only to watch the man in front of me grab it. It hurt so bad. Although I’ve been slowing down on collecting things as I try to declutter this is one thing I am still pinning over.

Another short, albeit very expensive, list this year. There are lots of non-tangible things that I really way for my birthday as well. Bike rides with friends, time spent with family, and of course, a roadtrip with my favorite dude.

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  • Your birthday is two days before mine 😀 Happy Birthdays, us!
    Also, I recently upgraded to the 70D too, and I love it SO MUCH. Paired with some quality glass, you just can't go wrong!

    • Haha! Well happy early birthday to you too! 😀

      I wanted a "bigger" upgrade than the 70D but I just can't live without that flip out screen. I may have ordered it for myself. I am SO excited!

    • Awesome!!!! Haha I'm excited for you. I actually wanted a bigger upgrade too – I was going 7dmii, but then I decided to do the 70d and divert the rest of the savings for adding full frame & a dive kit to the family! Someday, anyway. ;P

  • I've got both the 35mm 1.4 lens and the 50mm 1.2 lens, with my 5D Mark II. I reallyreally love them both! They're perfect for taking pictures where there's little light, and the pictures (almoooost) always turn out good. Happy early birthday!! 🙂

    xo ina,

  • Happy early birthday! I hadn't realized that you and I are the same age, only 3 months apart! I seem to always think that people who are super cool must be older than me (I mean, how else would they have their shit together so young? Oh wait, it's just me that is a mess haha)