Independence Day 2015

 Every year for the fourth of July my parents throw a big party. It always easily one of the best weekends of the summer. Food, family, fireworks! We played in the pond, rode four wheelers, had a massive fire, and caught toads but the highlight for me is usually always fireworks. Okay, and eclair cake. My mom makes the best eclair cake.

Around dusk we all carry chairs over to the hill and play with sparklers. It’s basically become tradition by now that that is how we wait for it to get dark enough for the the real fireworks. My dad is always too excited to wait for it to become completely dark before blowing off at least a few big ones. We all yell “not yetttt!”, and the kids whine “what’s grandpa doing?”

Sparklers are one of my favorite parts of the day though. I bribe the kids that I can be their personal sparkler lighter, no waiting on the other kids to have their turn, if they’ll let me take their picture. No one really falls for it. They’re all at the age that there really isn’t anything worse than getting their picture taken. While they’re entranced, I sneak a few anyway.

That night Jeff and I slept in our hammocks. I had been dreading it all evening because I had a chill. I felt damp after sitting in the grass to watch the show. After fireworks I was just ready to call it a night. When I put Klaus in my parents house for the night I wanted so badly to just curl up on their couch. I decided to give my hammock a shot just because Jeff was so excited about finally sleeping in his. I got in my sleeping bag, maneuvered my way into my hammock, and was asleep in no time at all. I don’t think I have ever been SO cozy. I’ve always liked making little nests to sleep in, and my hammock and sleeping bag were the perfect little cocoon. I’m so excited to sleep in it again! I kind of wish there was somewhere in my apartment I could set this thing up.

(We each own one of these hammocks. They’re under $20, come in a bunch of different colors, and are insanely cozy!)

the aftermath

I ate til my stomach hurt, got lots of pictures I was pleased with, slept cozier than ever, and come home with lots of left overs! I’d call it a successful weekend.

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