what I wore : my most “revealing” dress

dress – Solstice c/o Apricity
jean jacket – thrifted
sunglasses – Sienna c/o Moorea Seal
sandals – Lisson c/o Moorea Seal
phone case – In the Garden c/o Moorea Seal

Hey there. Long time, no see… or at least it feels like it. First there was the road trip which despite my best intentions didn’t produce any outfit photos. Then I came back to Ohio, which is obviously considerably cooler (literally over 40 degrees cooler) but the humidity this last week has been stifling. The kind of humidity where you’re sticky and just gross feeling no matter what you’re up to. My days have been me sitting in front of a three fan system I rigged up without pants on at my computer desk. Even like that the humidity was still awful. Craigslist apartment browsing in other cities awful – West not South because I’m pretty sure y’all got it even worse down there.

Luckily the weather gave me a break so I could wear this beautiful new dress from Apricity! I’ve done a really good job the last few months ridding my closet of things that aren’t easy to wear. Dresses that are a bit too short, are hard to style, don’t feel casual enough or need ironed. Call it lazy, but I’m just being practical. This dress is a perfect addition to my “new” wardrobe. It’s incredibly cozy, doesn’t need ironed, and makes it look like I put in more effort than I really did.

It’s kind of funny because this dress was actually a little bit out of my comfort zone at first. It’s the v-neck! I don’t what it is but I have always felt funny showing off cleavage. Looking at these photos I realize it wasn’t as revealing as it felt the first time I put it on – like at all. It actually looks so normal in these photos that I’m wondering why I’m even telling you this. Every time I looked down though, it was like “WOAH, BOOBS!”* I felt good in the dress, maybe a bit like I was showing off the girls too much, but being able to see myself gives me the confidence to wear other things I might consider too “revealing”. That’s one reason I love taking outfit photos.

Hope you’re having a lovely, not too humid, week!

*It’s the view looking down, it always looks so much more dramatic. Right?!

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