Borrego Springs Sky Art

by Kaylah Stroup

Before leaving to head out on our road trip a very kind reader, who gave us the awesome suggestion of hitting up Noah’s Art last year, recommended visiting Borrego Springs. It looked and sounded awesome. Like I mentioned in my previous post about the trip, we had the whole day after Bottle Tree Ranch to do whatever we’d like before checking in to our room for the night. So despite it being a little bit out of the way we decided to venture down to Borrego Springs and see what it was all about.

The product of Dennis Avery’s imagination and Ricardo A Breceda’s hard work the land surround Borrego Springs is filled with giant metal sculptures collectively known as “Sky Art”. There are over 130 of these babies scattered around. All sorts of different animals too! There are horses, dinosaurs, camels, and even a sea serpent emerging from the sand.

Jeff wasn’t feeling too well so visiting Borrego Springs was basically just him driving me from animal to animal and me saying “Are you sure you’re okay with this? Do you want me to drive? Can we at least go see the ______ and then we can leave?” There are so many sculptures we didn’t even get to see a quarter of them! Although we found a few crude maps on the internet it was still a lot more like a scavenger hunt finding them which was kind of fun.

Looking back I so badly wish I had some photos of Jeff and I beside these sculptures so you could get an idea of just how large they are. Something I really enjoyed about being here was that you could walk right up the animals. Nothing stopping you from getting as close you wanted. Some of them were a bit of a hike in the heat from the road but worth it regardless!


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