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Back in February I did a little post called “listening, playing, watching” where I just shared a little about the things I was up to. In a reader survey at the very beginning of the year a few people expressed interest in a series of posts similar to my “what I’ve been reading” posts except with television, movies, and video games. I was really happy with how that post turned out. It’s not something I can do super often though because I’m a creature of habit and I’ll usually be watching, and listening to the same thing for months at a time. It finally feels like it’s been long enough to do another edition.

Not too long ago I discovered The Front Bottoms and according to I’ve listened to their songs 1,279 times in the last three months. I’m not sure if that fact packs enough of a punch until you see that my second most played band, Why?, has only been played 631 times in the last three months (which is still a lot!) Yeah, so needless to say, I’m super into them. I wish I could recommend just one song but I love everything. Give them a listen for sure!

Also, Spotify recently added a feature where they make you a little playlist of music they think you might like at the beginning of each week and I’m a little embarrassed to say I look forward to getting my new playlist every Monday. It’s ridiculously accurate. I’ve discovered lots of new artists and songs I enjoy. Nothing that will become my new favorite but it’s super helpful as someone who does get stuck in patterns of listening to things. It’s fun to hear things that I actually enjoy and don’t have to search hard for.

Pssst! Pouch update coming on the 1st of September!!!

I’ve been on a movie kick lately. I have HBO GO on my apple tv and I think I’ve basically watched every movie on it. Sewing does that to me. If I’m sitting in front of my sewing machine, I am watching a movie. A few that I’ve enjoyed recently for the first time : Feardotcom, Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter is Dead, Gone Girl, Hell Baby, Inspector Gadget,  My Favorite Martian, Neighbors, and The Other Woman. Inspector Gadget, and My Favorite Martian are both things I feel like should have been part of my childhood but some how I missed them (or just don’t remember them at all) but they immediately feel like the kind of movie I’ll want to watch when I’m feeling under the weather. Please say you have a list of movies you like to watch when you’re sick too! My list include basically all Jim Carrey movies, Beetlejuice, and Jumanji.

As for TV shows Jeff and I are in the middle of watching Wayward Pines which is way weird. He’s read the books, which is why we started watching, but I’m still totally out of the loop with whats happening. I’m definitely enjoying it though.

Oh! Oh! Oh! And even though it was a little while back it’s worth mentioning that if you’re looking for a documentary on Netflix I recommend An Honest Liar. We actually turned it on because the movie we had just started was making a funny sound and we wanted to see if it was the movie or the tv itself. We switched An Honest Liar on and some how immediately got sucked in. I literally don’t think I’ve ever loved a documentary so much!

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest. Downloading this game was the biggest mistake… in the world. You’re battling characters while working your way through a map. Each one of your moves hurts the opponent a certain amount. You can use treasures you find to level up your characters. The reviews on the game are kind of mixed since it does have some glitches. Regardless, it’s way more fun than I was expecting! I downloaded it late one night while in bed because I couldn’t sleep and now I’m playing like every second I can. Sorry in advance if you download it and waste a ton of time.

I’m actually still playing Hyrule Warriors. I got it for Christmas last year, and somehow I’m still finding new quests to do? I purchased the expansion pack a few months back which was twenty bucks and it added about one billion more hours of game play. I feel like I’m kind of stuck now though. I need to level up characters I don’t care about before being able to beat levels that will unlock other levels but I still play regularly. I can’t say enough good things about this game. I wish all video games had this much content!

Aaaaand that’s that! What have you been listening to, watching or playing that’s worth talking about? I’m always looking for suggestions.

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  • I just found Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix and I'd never heard of it before! There's the movie that came out in '01, a new mini series that came out this year, AND and behind the scenes movie. I watched them all in an embarrassingly short amount of time.

    Also, I recommend The True Cost – it's a documentary that you can get on Netflix. It's all about "fast fashion," and the impact it has on the world. Super interesting!

  • I'm sorry…did you just say you saw Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead for the FIRST TIME like JUST NOW?! A little bit of judgment over here.
    Also, Inspector Gadget the movie? Did I forget they did this? I'd much rather park myself in front of the old cartoon series!

    • Hahaha.

      No, no, no. The inspector Gadget movies is SO good! I loved it. I turned it on for background noise and ended up actually being super interested.

  • I really enjoyed the Wayward Pines series. After watching the first eposide I wasn't that impressed but decided to stick with it and really got in to it. I wouldn't mind reading the books to see how they differ from the TV series.

  • I LOVED an honest liar. So fascinating, and I was constantly trying to figure out what was true and what wasn't the whole time I was watching. And I am also hopelessly addicted to Adventure Time Puzzle Quest. It's the perfect mix of everything I love about games, but still casual enough that it won't take up a whole day. Even if it does.

  • oh man, i loved an honest liar. jen over at epbot suggested it and i could not believe how much i loved it. great choice.

    when i am sick i love to binge watch mindless stuff…like hgtv's love it or list it, fixer upper, property brothers, house hunters, etc. also like to watch movies that i know very well like national treasure or sweet home alabama! πŸ™‚

    • I wish I was into house shows. I used to enjoy watching them growing up but eventually they just started to annoy me. I do loooooove Treehouse Masters though!

  • I don't have cable or satellite tv, just a roku, and one show that I recently watched and got immediately sucked into is The Last Man on Earth. You can watch the entire season on Hulu Plus and season 2 starts on Sep. 15th. It's hilarious and based on the movies you like I think you'd like it. Also, have you seen Zathura? It's from the same writer as Jumangi, I think you'd like it. I have a list of my favorite movies, they're Secret Garden (both the 90's version and Hallmark version), Bewitched, Greencard, and Twilight, also for a year I had terrible insomnia and couldn't fall asleep unless I was watching the original Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, it soothed me I guess, haha. Have you seen any of the Bates Motel? I'm soooo addicted to that show, it's on A&E and season 4 will start in January they're saying so you have time to get caught up, oh my gosh GOOD.