bike style : good vibes only

by Kaylah Stroup


sweatshirt – Mulberry Press Co.
necklace – Cactus Pendant c/o Moorea Seal
sunglasses – Lilly c/o Moorea Seal
socks – Happy Socks
There are a few things I’m reeeal excited to talk about today. First, let’s start with the big pink elephant in the room – I got a new bike! I’m over the moon to have the opportunity to work with State Bicycle Company, who I purchased my first bike from, on a little project. It’s more than flattering to be noticed by a company that you really really love. I’ll share more information on all this at a later date but in the meantime you can expect lots of photos of this pretty new thing here and on instagram.
Not quite as exciting as a bright pink new bike but I am really pumped about this outfit. I’m a little late to the leggings as pants party but for some reason the urge hit me earlier this month and I grabbed this pair from Modcloth. I wasn’t sure if I would feel comfortable wearing them out and about but the same day I got them in the mail I actually went ahead and ordered a second pair because they were just that perfect. Also in that first order was this shirt (it’s the same one as I have on under my sweatshirt except all black) I loved it so much I ordered the striped version. I wasn’t looking but I have definitely found my new favorite outfit. This is literally the coziest outfit ever. I just want to own a closet full of these leggings and shirts.

Hope you’re having a great start to your week!

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