It’s the little things…

 like watching the sun set with my puppy dog.

Earlier in the week I had the idea that Jeff and I could go watch the sunset at the beach. It’s been a while since I’ve just sat on the beach and watched the sky do it’s thing. Much to my dismay he’s in the midst of wedding season and is swamped with work. I pushed the idea out of my head and got back to doing my own work.

A few hours passed and I looked up from my computer to see the sky filled with gorgeous shades of pink and blue. I thought to myself “eh, it’s probably too late by now.” Fifteen minutes or so went by and I looked up again to see it was just getting prettier. I quickly packed up my camera bag, threw Klaus in the car, and headed to the beach. I should clarify that throwing Klaus in the car simply entails opening the car door. That dog loves car rides, especially because they usually mean going to grandma’s house.

We arrived just in time to see the colors in the sky peak. Klaus was very nervous. I’d never taken him to this beach before which is pretty busy on a summer evening. We walked to the edge of the water where I picked a nice rock to sit on. He nervously sniffed everything, nibbled on grass, and uneasily eyed everyone. Eventually he sat down beside me, I wrapped my arm around him, and we stared off into the distance together. I smooched him on the head a half dozen times because c’mon puppy heads are for smoochin’ before realizing how silly we must have looked to the people behind us. Just a girl  on a date with her dog. But it was so so soooo nice!

I had planned on taking more photos but my concern laid more with making sure Klaus felt comfortable.  These five shots are the only ones I took that night. I shot with a high ISO so I could shoot quick which resulted in grainy photos. They’re not beautifully composed but they’re already very special to me – mine and Klaus’ first sunset on the beach together – definitely not our last.

The little things is an on-going series celebrating the little things that make life special. 

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