Lagoon Deer Park

For the past three years in a row, at the end of summer I make the trip down to Lagoon Deer Park. It’s a deer petting zoo – and if you’ve never been to one please make it a priority! The set up is basically one massive pen that you’re allowed to walk in. Along the edges of that pen are a bunch of other pens with deer, llamas, goats, emu, etc. In the large part that you walk in there are usually twenty to thirty deer, maybe even more, that are free. They’ll approach you, and you can feed them peanuts. It is magical. You feel like Snow White, just absolutely surrounded by deer who are so very interested in what you have for them!

This visit there weren’t very many deer out in the main pen, less than ten. I was a little bit bummed about that but honestly, it’s pretty hard to stay sour when you even have one deer so close! Even if they only like me because I have peanuts for them it’s so great to be able to pet such amazing creatures.

A sign on the way down the very long driveway to the park said that there had been forty six babies born this year!! Ahhh! We didn’t get to touch any baby deer, although we could see them. We did get to pet baby goats though. You guys, I’ve been missing out because I did not know how darn cute baby goats were. Once again I am being reduced to tears by cute things. I just wanted to put one in my tote bag and take it home. The deer were really awesome but the baby goats stole the show for me. I loved them so much even if they did nibble on my favorite dress.

As always, if you live ANYWHERE near Sandusky, Ohio – you have to visit Lagoon Deer Park.


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  • This makes me think of Popcorn Park Zoo. It is a non-profit zoo in Southern New Jersey that takes in rescue animals. It is a little sad and funny reading the stories of the animals, the best is the bear that was traded in for a car. No. Joke.

    BUT they have these deer that are so sweet. You can't walk in their pen, but they stick their long tongues through the gates and slurp up popcorn. If you make an east coast road trip, check out Popcorn Park Zoo and buy a box of popcorn (it is like $5 admission and $1-3 per popcorn box) I like this zoo because it has rescue animals, and some exotics from overcrowded zoos. They also have an adoption center next to it. They also have gravestones for their past animals, which is really unusual.

  • Oh. My. Gosh. We have a 'safari' drive thru around here but you can't get out to feed/pet, just from your car. Oh how I wish we had something like this! Having a buffalo lick your window isn't nearly as cute as hand feeding deer!