what I wore : queen of summer


dress – Target (a few years back)
sunglasses – Lilly c/o Moorea Seal
nail stickers – Echo via Incoco

I’ve been trying to find the perfect time to wear this hat but y’all it has been way too hot to even try to look cute. I’ve basically been living in over-sized tshirts and my undies. These last few days I’ve gotten up early, taken my bike ride before even eating breakfast to beat the heat, and then stayed inside all day hibernating. I have three fans set up facing me in my office yet by 3 or 4pm I have to give up and take my laptop into my bedroom where I have a window A/C unit to continue working. I’m struggling through these last few weeks of summer. Being out early to ride has really opened my eyes to how lovely mornings are in the city though so yesterday I woke up super early and headed out to take outfit photos before it got too hot. I can at least pretend to be queen of summer, right?

Despite it still being incredibly hot so early, my morning was wonderful. I got pictures I was happy with and I even saw some deer! I thought I saw something move out of the corner of my eye which I presumed was someone walking their dog and marveling at the girl tromping around in the flowers. When I looked up I saw two deer were watching me through a hole in the fence. It was so lovely, we just started at each other for a while before they were scared away by a train. I really enjoy sharing little moments like that with animals.

Can we talk about something kind of off topic for The Dainty Squid? Errrr, hold up, I never want to feel like something is “off topic”, I’d like this to be a place where I’m able to talk about all of my interests! I’ve mentioned it before but there are definitely topics that I feel maybe a little bit weird talking about and one of those things is makeup!

In the last few years I’ve really started getting into make up. I mean I wore it in high school but really really bad eyeliner and purple eyeshadow don’t count for too much. Hehe! I still have a lot to learn but I love to experiment. Maybe once a month or so I allow myself to purchase one or two new things to test out. The latest thing that I’m interested in is lip color. Not so much lipstick, but basically anything else. I’m not sure what the big deal is with lipstick but I feel uncomfortable in it. I kind of feel like this scene in Bruno (<— that’s NSFW) which is hilarious because lipstick is definitely not going to be what people look at when they stare at me. I think basically what it comes down to is that I like matte finish since I do own a few matte lipsticks that I really love.

Anyway, I’m way into lip stains. I feel fairly comfortable wearing them and I’m always looking for new brands and products to try. A little while back when I was browsing the oh so dangerous make up aisles at Target I spotted Maybelline Color Blur lip colors. I chose My-My Magenta which matches my hair wonderfully. It’s super bright and I am LOVING it. The finish is so nice. It lasts for a long time without any touch ups, and I basically want to buy errrrrry color. It’s fun to branch out, and to still be able to find new things to try. I like pushing myself to do things that make me a bit uncomfortable. Having magenta lips definitely makes me a little bit self conscious but they just look so darn awesome!

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  • I always love seeing your outfit photos, but this set might be my favorite EVER! The light in them is soooo pretty and your outfit (as always) is so cute 🙂 That spider web photo is really cool too!

    It's funny that you mention makeup, because when I saw the first image of the post I immediately mentioned to myself that I love her lip color! That shade is so pretty! I rarely wear lipstick because I feel strange in it as well-but I've not tried lip stains yet! I'll have to do that!

    • Thanks Mindi! I love when light shines through spider webs just perfectly. It's like getting a peek into another world. Spider webs are so awesome!

      Hehe! Thanks! I feel like the line I mentioned in the post is a somewhere between lipstick and lipstain. I like it because it isn't heavy at all. It's easy to forget I'm wearing it which I feel like is key for me to build confidence with lip colors. If I'm constantly thinking about lipstick I'm just going to worry about it but I love that with lipstains I forget until I catch a glimpse in the mirror and am surprised by my lips and how pretty they look.

  • I'm struggling with summer dragging on too, but you look so great! It always helps to get dressed up. I really love revlons lip stains, they have a great red that isn't orange toned.

  • These photos are gorgeous! I love early mornings in the summer, the light is just so pretty. Your lips look amazing! I used to be all about dark lip colors but then I got out of the habit of wearing anything on my lips. Now it feels kinda funny to wear lip color but I want to get back into it. I'll have to check out the kinds you mentioned!