on the cutting room floor – pt. 1

I took these photos the other day at the beach. I had a horrible, horrible headache and hoped some fresh air would help. (It didn’t. I couldn’t get back to the couch soon enough…) While
I strolled the beach I picked up glass, which isn’t something I really
do anymore. Despite not feeling well I took a handful of photos of my
finds, and I ended up really loving them. I tried so hard to think of something to write along side these
photos and was kind of just stumped…

One way that blogging has effected the way I take photos is that if I know that I’m planning on sharing something I will shoot more photos than needed. I’ll take the extra effort to search for angles I may not usually go for, and find as many ways as possible to visually represent whatever the post is about. It’s great because it pushes me out of my creative comfort zone sometimes, and it encourages me to take more photos which is always a good thing. But upon looking back through my folders I realized that this leaves me with a lot of photos that never make it blog posts. Sometimes because I don’t think they’re good enough but more often than not it’s because I don’t know what to say about them.

When I look back through some of my older posts something that bothers me is that I didn’t write much. Things seemed to apparent at the time why would I take the effort to write more? But I see now that I should have typed more to go along with photos. Lately I’ve been trying my hardest to write more in posts when I can. I hope that it shows, I know that I’m a lot happier with my posts. The bad thing about that is that are so many photos I don’t share and just end up forgetting about.

As a way to get those photos up on the blog I’m starting a new little series called “on the cutting room floor”.  In this series I’ll just be sharing photos that I’ve taken recently but haven’t blogged about for one reason or another. Unlike the ones in this post the photos I share most likely won’t have a theme but I’m not really giving this series any rules! It’ll just be a fun little way to mix things up and share more of my photos.


Ps that’s the first bottle neck I’ve found washed up on the beach! I don’t know how it took like four years for me to finally find one but WAHOOO! 

Author: Kaylah

Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • Just saw this photo on Instagram and I had to come and see the rest! You have inspired me in so many ways than you can imagine and these photos once again make me want to go by the beach and collect some glass. Too bad the beach I used to go to is closed to the public -no idea why. I'll just have to enjoy these photos of yours for now <3

  • I love both your writing and your pics, so more of both is good with me! I know what you mean, though. I read old posts of mine and I'm so glad I tapped out even the most seemingly mundane of words. Later they provide such a good peek into my memories.
    UGH headaches! I had one of those migraines last week that just would. not. go. away. No matter what I did. I had to wait it out.
    Gorgeous photos, as always. πŸ™‚