Szalay’s Farm and Market

I still haven’t made it to a haunted house this season but that aside I’m pretty sure I’m killin’ it this fall. I’ve taken lots of photos of the pretty colors, I’m getting outside a lot to enjoy the crisp cool weather, and on Sunday Jeff and I went to Szalay’s Farm and Market. Szalay’s is a sweet corn farm and an old-fashion farm market that offers a huge variety of fruits, veggies, and other treats. It was my first time visiting there but Jeff has been talking it up for quite sometime now.

We had spent the day doing fun things for our anniversary. First our favorite breakfast spot for lemon curd crepe and smoked salmon omelet then the abandoned greenhouse to catch the fall colors. Szalay’s was our last stop of the day before retiring early to watch scary movies. When we pulled up to the farm I wasn’t really feeling it. There were so many people. I’m not huge on crowds. It took me a little bit of time to find my groove but once I did I had a blast!

We of course walked through the corn maze, which every year they shape like something different. This year’s corn maze? The headless horseman! (There’s a photo of the map a few images below.) It was SO much fun. There’s this look that Jeff gets sometimes when he sees that I’m really happy. It’s the cutest face in the world and because he looks so happy it makes me even happier so we’re basically this ridiculous mess of giggles and smiles. That happened in the corn maze, so perhaps thats an indication of how much fun it was. I kind of wish that we could have stayed in there even longer.

After the maze we walked around the market a second time, this time actually grabbing a bite to eat. I had grilled sweet corn for the first time and wow, it was unlike anything I’ve ever had before. That corn was so good it made all the other corn I’ve eaten in my life taste like garbage – and I LOVE corn.

There couldn’t have been a more perfect way to end our anniversary adventure. I’m already excited to go back next year …and to eat more corn!

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