what we wore : no bones about it

by Kaylah Stroup
dog skeleton costume, skeleton

Way before I ever adopted Klaus I wanted to get a dog of my own so I could dress him or her up in a skeleton costume. I don’t know why but something about dogs in skeleton costumes just melted my heart. I kind of forgot about that until I saw this one at Target. I told Jeff about it later and explained how badly I wanted it but didn’t know when Klaus would actually wear it. He was like “Get it! He can wear it all the time!” That’s a good man, justifying my stupid purchases. So next trip to the store Klaus got a skeleton costume and all my stupid little dreams came true. I didn’t think it was possible for this puppy to get any cuter but I was proven wrong. He will totally be wearing this thing all year long. I own skeleton footie pjs so I guess Klaus and I will be able to match in the evenings in the winter too!

Unrelated to this outfit post but in the spirit of Halloween I crossed off one of my big fall goals – visiting a haunted house! I’ve had two experiences with haunted houses in the past. The first was with my mom, and brother when I was eleven or twelve. I spent the whole time with my face buried in my brother’s back. I didn’t look at single thing. The second time was in Niagara Falls the next year. I wanted to redeem myself after the first haunted house so my aunt and I bought tickets, walked maybe ten steps in and then I ran out. Since then I’ve just presumed haunted houses weren’t my thing and wrote them off. Even as a huge chicken, I loved the idea of haunted houses. I desperately wanted to be able to go so this year I made it one of my goals.

Last weekend myself and five of my friends visited Spooky Ranch. There is a fun house, haunted hay ride, 3-D clown house, and “extreme nightmares” haunted house. You guys, I don’t remember the last time I had that much fun. IT WAS A BLAST. Seriously, I can’t think about it without getting this massive cheesy grin on my face. We actually all had so much fun that while waiting in line for the last attraction we started looking up other nearby haunted houses so that we wouldn’t have to call it a night. Sadly it was too late and we wouldn’t be able to make it to another before they closed for the night.

I’m bummed I missed out on haunted houses all these years but I guess I’ve got the rest of my life to enjoy them. I cannot wait to go to another!

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