Niagara Falls

On the way home from Toronto Jeff and I made a stop in Niagara Falls. I fell asleep shortly after leaving Toronto and when I woke up we were parking at the falls! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Canadian side of the falls. I was probably around eleven or twelve at the time, it was before you needed a passport to cross the border, and I really don’t remember much at all.

I know last time I was at Niagara Falls on the American side with Elycia I wasn’t super impressed with the falls. I actually barely took any photos of them. Not sure what it was, maybe the spots we stopped at didn’t have a great view or I just wasn’t sure how to shoot them. This time was different. I took quite a few photos and I really liked them all. The first photo in this post is my favorite. I actually took a bunch of similar ones. I just love the way the water looks. The colors and textures are so nice. It reminds me a lot of some of the photos I took along the Pacific Coast Highway this summer.

After admiring the falls a bit we took the incline up to do some exploring. We didn’t get very far though. My feet were killing me. I was hobbling around, having to stop every few feet so we took the incline back down and grabbed the car. My feet have literally never hurt as bad as they did that day but I still really, really wanted to see some of the Canadian side had to offer. My feet actually hurt for around a week after!!!

We found cheap parking near the main strip and took a stroll. Despite every single thing in Niagara Falls being a complete rip off I really wanted to do something fun while we were there. I bought passes that granted us admission to three attractions of our choice. We chose the Mystery Maze (more challenging than expected!), the Fun House (way too short!), and the Haunted House (sooo cheesy but still managed to get a scream or two from me) It was a blast.

I remember the main strip looking soooo huge to me as a kid. While it still was absolutely enthralling, there is so much to look at, I was surprised how small it was. I wish my feet hadn’t been hurting so bad so we could have walked more and visited more overpriced attractions. Tourist traps are my favorite!

Waterfalls, a ferris wheel ride, some dinosaurs, a gourmet burger, and so much more all in a few hours. Definitely an awesome pit stop and way to end the trip.

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  • I live about 15 minutes from the American falls and I totally agree with you. While they've done some updating recently it's not a great place for photos. I usually go there during the summer late at night when there's less people and it's more relaxing.