Toronto for the weekend

by Kaylah Stroup
The view from our hotel room!

Getting my passport had been on my list of new year’s goals for way, way too long. I just kept putting it off, and putting it off. But last month I fiiiiinally sucked it up, and applied. One ugly photo, a nice chunk of money, and a few weeks later it was here!

Basically ever since Jeff and I met he’d been talking up Toronto. Toronto is soooo great. I love that city. We have to go! Blah, blah, blah. Toronto seemed liked it would be an awesome first trip to break in my passport…and HOLY COW, it was. If I had known how much I’d love it there I probably wouldn’t have delayed getting my passport for so long.

We stayed in downtown in the Sheraton which had the most amazing view of the city! We spent the weekend walking around, shopping, taking photos, eating awesome food, and admiring the graffiti. We valeted the car and opted to see the city by foot and by train. We walked over twenty five miles in those the three days! My feet are still aching but it was totally worth it. I’ve never been somewhere where walking to literally anything you could need was possible like that.

I don’t even know where to begin talking about how much I enjoyed this city…seriously.

I never really thought of Canada as being too much different from the United States but there were all kinds of subtle differences that totally won my heart. Maybe it’s just Toronto, obviously I can’t say, but y’all are some well dressed folks. I never seen so many stylish people. Jeff and I both agreed that we felt like slobs and needed to totally redo our wardrobes. Something else I loved was how friendly people were. I know that’s a stereotype about Canadians but everyone in Toronto we interacted with was so nice. I didn’t see as many people with their faces buried in their phones which was really awesome. And the subway?! It was so clean! I’ve just recently come to love taking the train except ours, in Cleveland, is so small…and it’s pretty gross smelling a lot of the time. It killed me that we didn’t have enough time to just take the train from stop to stop in Toronto just because I liked riding it so much.

I know I’m probably romanticizing the city at least a little bit but I am madly in love. If moving across country borders with no real reason (marriage, career, etc) wasn’t so difficult I would most definitely be browsing for apartments. I just can’t stop thinking about all the little reasons why I am so enamored with Toronto. Love at first visit!

I’m definitely looking forward to going back up as soon as possible. I feel like we didn’t even make a dent in that city. On the way home, while raving about how much fun we had, Jeff and I realized we barely left downtown at all which kind of blows my mind. Cleveland’s downtown is so small that spending more than a day there seems unfathomable. We walked up and down Queen street, where our hotel was, multiple times and each time I still saw something new I didn’t see before.

It was a bit overwhelming how much there was to take in. I had planned to take tons and tons of photos but so often found myself just trying to take it in with my eyes. Hopefully next visit I’ll be able to take more photos instead of just being completely blown away and unable to function like I was this time.

Hey Toronto,

See you again soon!

Also, if you’re in Toronto, you need to go to Morba! Everything in that store was AMAZING. I honestly have never loved a store so much. It was like someone created a store from all the things in my brain. Taxidermy, medical models, globes, weird furniture, interesting light fixtures, and so much more. I sadly did not take any photos inside because I was overwhelmed – dude, it was like a religious experience – but next time I’m in town I will ask permission so everyone can see how amazing this place is.

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