15 ways to fight the winter blues

Today is the first day of winter which means it’s that time of the year when the sun is late to rise and disappears again all too early. I get the winter blues baaaad. I don’t mind cooler weather, and most of the time I enjoy the snow but the lack of sunlight really gets to me. Already I’m seeing a slight shift it my overall mood. Before it gets too late in the season, and I’m completely stuck in a rut I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of ways to combat the winter blues.

15 Ways To Fight The Winter Blues.
Buy some plants. Indoor gardening is super satisfying, and bringing the outdoors inside is a great way to boost your mood. There’s always room for one more cactus, I promise! 😉

Light your house up! Burning candles always feel so cozy to me, and I swear I love my living room 100x more after hanging Christmas lights from my ceiling. They’re definitely staying up all year long.

Wake up as early as possible. The cold weather makes me want to sleep in. My bed is just so cozy, especially when Jeff sleeps over but when it comes right down to it I feel so much better getting up early. Since the sun is so limited this time of the year soaking it up every second you get is way better than staying curled up in bed.

Embrace the season! Ice skating is a blast, and what could be more fun than sledding with friends? Last year we talked about making a snow fort but it never happened. Maybe this will be the year!?

Catch up on reading. I recommend Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series by Ransom Riggs. I’m currently dragging my feet through the third book. I just don’t want it to end!

Visit the beach! The beach in the winter can be pretty amazing – see here + here. Make sure to bundle up though, being near the water is always drastically colder.

Visit your local greenhouse or botanical garden. If you’re near Cleveland, you need to go Rockefeller Park Greenhouse

Clean. Am I the only one who thinks cleaning is really relaxing?
Yes? Well, it’s a great way to de-stress. Take the time to clean out
your closets, and donate anything you no longer need or use.

Explore your neighborhood. Bundle up, and take a walk. I did this right after moving to my new apartment (see here) and it’s still one of my favorite walks I’ve ever taken.

Take a bubble bath. You can find a list of my favorite bath products here.

Bake something! The smell of something cooking will make your home feel super cozy, and you’ll have something to snack on. It’s a win/win.  Nutella swirled banana bread is always great. It’s not baking but this brandy fudge is certainly delicious.

Throw a party. It’s an excuse to decorate, have friends over, and eat – what could be better?! May I suggest a breakfast for dinner party?

Write letters or postcards to your friends. Snail mail is the best ,and it will brighten someone else’s day as well!

Try night photography! Use the fact it gets dark insanely early to your advantage, you get to practice a new hobby and still be in bed by 9pm.

Buy yourself some flowers! So maybe you’re not the indoor gardening type, but flowers are always nice. If you’re allergic, there are still paper flowers!

What are some of your favorite ways to fight the winter blues?

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  • I love this post. I struggle through winter and especially, the holidays. I recently posted about getting through the holidays, but I like that this really covers winter as a whole. I love all these ideas. I'm about to start the third book in that series too and am SO excited. Aren't they amazing books. So good, in fact, my oldest daughter is reading them too. I loved your bath list the other day too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh Winter Blues are a nightmare, I'm the same; the lack of light really gets to me. I'm a big believer that we should all get to hibernate from December to March! Saying that I do agree; trying to forget about winter/ equally embrace it tends to make me feel better. Walking is a fave pastime but also sitting in a warm coffee shop with a book <3

    • Haha, right?! I wouldn't mind just sleeping the winter away. I want so badly to be productive during this time of the year but it's hard to want to do anything.

      I've only just recently realized how nice hanging out in coffee shops is. I'm pretty sure there will be lots of that this winter.

  • Thank you kaylah, these are great tips. Will write them down and whenever I fell like screaming and disapear to some warmer weather will read this list. Winter really makes me down, lack of light just like you and also cannot Cope with cold temperatures too long.

  • I am totally feeling the short days right now. When I need to perk up I sew, read, or exercise. I also try to get outside every day no matter what the weather is like, I am sure I can soak up some vitamin D even on cloudy days, right?

  • I love the idea of local exploring!Have you heard of the blog, Let's Love Local? I think you'd really like it! It's all about finding local gems! They did this one photo challenge your cityscape from up high, which reminded me of one of your last posts about Cleveland.

    I definitely agree with you about waking up early. I feel so much more productive waking up at 9AM, even if the only productive thing I did was catch up on my YouTube videos for 5 hours lol.

    • No, I haven't but I'm going to look it up when I get done here. That sounds awesome.

      Hahah, same. Most times if I get up really early I'm not really all the productive but I feel better simply because I was up.

  • I love this list! The winter blues get me bad even living as far south as the Carolinas now. Also I got a cheap little sun lamp on Amazon and it helps out so much! I just turn it on on the table when I eat breakfast and I feel so much better all day.

  • Thanks for the tips. I've always wondered about those lights as I've heard mixed opinions about them. Winter in the UK sucks big style – it's just wet, grey and pretty miserable. Wouldn't be so bad if we got proper winter weather like snow to look forward to. The weather has been so weird here the last month though, we had 11 degrees c the other day. We don't get it much warmer than that some days in the summer!