Cleveland, from up high

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I was about to start this post by saying I haven’t been in Cleveland all that long but it just occurred to me that it’s going on two years now! This time in 2013 I was slowly packing up my things, getting rid of anything I didn’t need to start my new life with, and browsing Craigslist for somewhere cozy for the critters and I to move. Kind of crazy it’s been that long already but on the same hand, it seems like a lifetime ago…

Anyway, ahem, the point I was going to make was that I feel like ever since the beginning of my love affair with this beautiful city I’ve been able to see it from views that probably a lot of long time residents have never seen. On mine and Jeff‘s first date he actually took me to climb a bridge. For some crazy reason, despite only having met this guy a few short hours earlier, I trusted him – I hopped a fence, and did something that at the time was probably one of the craziest things I had ever done. It was an absolute rush. I was terrified, and excited, and probably one million other emotions all rolled into one.

That was good preview of what our relationship would be like.  This adventurous human has taken me some awesome places. So many firsts, especially for this gal who previously had never really spent any time in the city at all! Last week him, Jason, and I went hunting for some new views of Cleveland…and boy, oh boy, did we find them!

We ended the night pleased, full of pizza, and I came home with a few new (really gnarly!) bruises. I bruise so easily that basically all you have to do is look at me the wrong way and I have a new one. I’m still not all that confident in my night photography skills but I’m pretty darn happy with these photos! I’m sure with time I’ll come to find flaws in them but hey, practice makes perfect!

Here’s another fun view of the city from last summer.

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