Exploring Ohio

by Kaylah Stroup

Sometime mid-2015 I got in my mind that I wanted to move to a different state. I dreamed of living somewhere that I could find new things to explore, and photograph everywhere I looked. I’ve lived in Ohio my life, and while I love it here and it will probably always be “home”, I want to experience new things. The traveling I’ve done these last two years, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t all that crazy but it definitely put a bug under my skin.* I don’t even have a specific place I’d like to be living instead, just somewhere new, I guess.

I don’t think moving out of state is in the cards for me right this moment. (Mostly because I would REALLY miss my parents. Hi mom, you’re welcome!) Instead of moping around that I’ve done everything I want to do or that I’ve seen everything that would interest me in the area I’m making it one of my 2016 goals to make an extra effort to find new things, and appreciate the other things I’ve taken for granted in this state. I want to explore Ohio to the fullest!

Last Saturday we got our first snow of the season. Sadly, it wasn’t all much. It actually melted by the end of the day. Whomp, whomp, whomp. I still thought it would be the perfect excuse to head to the beach. I bundled up, grabbed my cameras, and ventured out to the lake.
Over the summer I found some little fishing trail type things (great description, huh?) along the water. All the hours I’ve spent at the beach and somehow I never knew they were there. They quickly became my favorite spot to bike to because despite being at our most popular waterfront park, they were always free of crowds. One or two lone fishermen at most, but I’ve found that people who are fishing usually won’t try to spark up a conversation. They’re just looking for a little peace and quiet as well.
The trails were even more peaceful lightly covered in snow even as the waves violently crashed against the rocks. I’ve never been afraid of the water. I’m an excellent swimmer.** Yet the water still made me uneasy. The trail was iced over in a few spots, reminding me that I wasn’t exactly safe from being splashed. I walked the whole trail stopping every few feet to take in the beauty, and snap a few photos. Eventually, when I thought my fingers my freeze off, I made my way back to the car and headed home.

I think if I ever move from Ohio walks like this will be one of the things I miss the most. I am so lucky to live mere minutes from the beach. Here’s to getting out and finding more things to love here!

* I just realized that might not be an actual saying and that I’m just
kind of combining a few phrases. Google doesn’t really seem to know
what I’m talking about.

** I was on the swim team…for one whole day. Truth be told, I lived
too far out in the boonies to make it to practice every day before
school. That’s one of the very few things I disliked about where I
grew up.


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