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I’m a collector, plain and simple. There are things I specifically hunt down, like globes, because I enjoy the way they look displayed together. There are other things that I never mean to collect but I somehow end up with a bunch of. Basically, I tend to amass collections of things whether I try or not. It’s just in my nature. Way back in 2011 I started the tag “collections” on the blog so I could share photos and a little bit about all the things I collect. I haven’t really shared much these last few years aside from my lapel pin collection and photos of my curiosities after each move but I’d like to get back at it.

Something I didn’t purchase to collect per se are plugs. I started stretching my ears many moons ago. I’m actually a year or two off from having them half of my life. I have distinct memory of sitting in history class in high school telling all my friends “Oh yeah, 0g is my goal size. I’m definitely going to stop after that!” Hah! Around four years ago I landed at 1.5″ (38mm), a size that I was comfortable staying at, and since then have been building a pretty awesome collection of pretty things for my ears. I mean, I have a closet full of dresses, and shoes for every occasion. Why not have lots of plugs to choose from?

plugs, stretched ears

My entire collection aside from one pair, the bees in the top right corner, are from Omerica Organic. This is 100% not a sponsored post, I just REALLY love them. I legitimately think they might hold the title for my all time favorite company. They have awesome customer service, and the quality is seriously the best. The designs always super crisp. I really liked the bee plugs which I got from Bodyartforms but comparing those against all my other ones you can see that my other plugs really shine.

Throughout the years I’ve tried lots of different materials but I always seem to come back to wood. I love the look of stone but with my ears stretched this large it’s really just too heavy for me to wear on a daily basis. Omerica Organic comes out with new plugs super frequently which I
love since it allows me to have a diverse selection to choose from despite only wearing wood. I definitely don’t need any more but how can I resist when they
come out with things that fit my style so perfectly! Teeth, insects,
skulls? Yes, please! I took the photo below to show off my favorite four
pairs but when I look at it I see three other pairs that probably could
have been labeled “my favorite” too.

plugs, tooth plugs, Omerica Organicblue hair, plugs, dinosaur plugs, girl with stretched ears
stretched ears, girl with stretched ears, plugsplug collection, plugs
green hair, stretched ear, plugs, Omerica Organic

Due to the size of my collection I don’t really have an awesome way to store them. Omerica Organic sells plug pouches which are really cute but alas, they don’t come in my size…and I would need a lot of them. So until I find something better I store them inside this turtle shell I picked up from Target a few years back (If I’m not mistaken they’re carrying a similar one this year except in silver instead of gold.) Not all of them fit inside so the others reside on a cute little tray that I also picked up from Target.

Anyone else out there with stretched ears also collect plugs? I love seeing photos of collections! šŸ˜‰

As always, if you’d like to order for the first time from Omerica Organic you can use rep code “daintysq” for 20% off!!

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