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For Christmas I bought myself a present. …A really, really nice present, the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L lens. I had been planning and saving for months. It was the last thing I “needed” to complete my camera gear. I bought it the day before Christmas Eve, and the day after Christmas it showed up in my PO Box. I stalked the tracking, finally got the notice in my box, then waited around nearly a half hour while the post office folks looked this package they had apparently misplaced. Of all the packages to lose it had to be this one, right? Hah!

I wanted to try her out immediately. Jeff agreed to do something fun with me for my lens’ maiden voyage but when he showed up that evening saying it was raining and we were going out to take some photos I wasn’t too stoked. Earlier in the day I had started rearranging my whole apartment (more on this soon!) and finishing that up sounded way more fun than traipsing around in the rain with brand new camera equipment. I reluctantly packed up my bag and off we went.

I borrowed one of Jeff’s camera rain covers ($8.99 for two. They’re super simple, and take the worry out of shooting in the rain. I am definitely getting myself some!) and wouldn’t you know it, I had an absolute blast. Shooting in the rain was so much fun. Sometimes you just need someone to drag you out of the house to experience something new. The rain created a few different interesting elements to the photos; bokeh caused by rain drops on my lens, and reflections in puddles.

I’m never really all that confident shooting at night. I understand how to take the photos but it’s very easy to get frustrated when you’re spending up to 30 seconds per exposure, and not getting exactly what you imagined. It’s especially frustrating for me when I’m with a larger group of friends. You want to take your time, set up the perfect shot but I hate holding people up. Even though I know my friends don’t mind waiting I feel like a pain. Since it was just Jeff, and I, and I was shooting with a fancy new lens, I felt completely as ease! I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so excited about the shots I got at night. It was obvious I was having a blast. I never really show Jeff my photos until after I’ve edited but I couldn’t help but shove my camera in his face “LOOK AT THIS PICTURE!” I was all “the only thing that could make this night better is if I got some drinking chocolate*!” thinking it was too late in the night to get some but it wasn’t! Winter plays tricks on ya like that. Basically, it was best day ever.

Verdict on my new lens? I’m totally in love! It’s always scary spending a big chunk of money but it was definitely worth it. The wide angle lens I owned before this one, the 10-22mm, was a great lens but you can’t beat good glass. L series lenses are where it’s at! I’m so looking forward to shooting more with it.

*Let me tell you about drinking chocolate! When I first met Jeff I didn’t like any coffee drinks or anything. I basically only liked hot chocolate. He claimed to know of the best hot chocolate ever, so he took me to Lilly Chocolates. It was love at first sip. It’s basically like drinking liquid chocolate but somehow it’s acceptable? I don’t even know. There’s a little bit of a kick when it hits the back of your throat. It’s incredible. They don’t have a webstore, but they do ship if you contact them…and seriously, it’d totally be worth it. Or just come visit Cleveland.

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