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sweatshirt – Hello Apparel
button up shirt – Classic Plaid Poplin Shirt via Old Navy
jeans – TJ Maxx
boots – Palladium Boots
camera bag – Jo Totes
phone decal – Society6
sunglasses – c/o Moorea Seal

This coat is what all my coat dreams are made of. I got it at the beginning of last month but I had chosen the wrong size. I spent SO long standing in the mirror posing, and making sure it really was too big just because I didn’t want to take it off and send it back. I was trying to justify that winter coats should always be a little bit big so that you can layer but there really was no denying it, I was swimming in it. I finally got the size I needed back in the mail a week or so ago aaaand I don’t remember the last time I liked a coat so darn much.

I actually own quite a few coats but no real winter coats that provide warmth. I guess I skated by without a warm coat for years because I never really spent all that much time outside in the winter. It was just quick trips outside or else I was super layered up. Now that I’m spending so much time at the flower shop having something to keep me warm on the walk became a necessity. This baby is the perfect length. Don’t kid yourself, coats that don’t cover the booty are never warm enough! The inside is super soft. It has this puffy collar that keeps the wind out of your hood. My favorite part? The sleeves! They’re sufficiently long enough which is something I’d been having trouble finding, and the ends have a form fitting warm part so that your wrists don’t freeze. Also, the pockets are super deep which is always a plus! I’m in love. Picking things out online is hard sometimes, and when you absolutely nail it it feels so good.

Not to rush the snow, because I know that as soon as it comes I’ll be sick of it, but I’m really excited for it to start falling. I have a Christmas tree up for the first time in a few years but it feels kind of out of place. It doesn’t seem like it’s creeping up so quickly. I mean, I haven’t even started shopping for gifts yet. Snow always makes the holidays feel real and I’m excited to really test out my new coat.

Hope you’re having a lovely week (+that you’ve found your perfect winter coat because that cold weather is coming quick!!)

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