a few of my favorite posts in 2015 – part two

 foxy lady + tramp – in June, late June, July, August, October, and November.  

 my collection of curiosities – part one + part two

 asilomar state beach – tide pools

living room tour

Posting on Sundays isn’t really my thing. Not for any real reason, I just never really do. I guess I like to pretend I have a day off. Hah! Anyway, I just wanted to drop in and leave this here. Another look back at 2015. Posting so many recaps always starts to bug me. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy reading other folks but I guess it just starts to feel repetitive on my end. The thing is though I LOVE looking back through these recaps a few years later (okay, okay, a few months later is usually fun too!) So to future me, 2015 was pretty cool. You’re welcome for the reminder!

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