Friday Favorites # 345

by Kaylah Stroup
 Yep, I’m definitely going to need this Mrs. Doubtfire lapel pin.
 This dress + this dress both belong in my closet.
(via: Modcloth)
Perrin‘s work is SO gorgeous. I’m particularly fond of this print.
 (via: Made by Perrin)
A prickly pear note pad! I wish all my favorite artists made note pads…
 (via: Idlewild Co.)
Don’t mind me, just melting over this pup in cute sweaters. Pipolli has a handful of pup sweaters available for sale. I so wish Klaus looked that good in clothes. The lil dude in the photos below just fills them out so well.
 (via: Pipolli)
 Founds this on tumblr earlier in the week and knew I had to share, headstone 2016 mini calendar!
 (via: Pam Wishbow)
I was about to be all “Oh man, I wish Land of Nod made adult stuff” but technically this amazing quilt comes in queen so the only thing really stopping me from having the snazziest bed is the price. I have always been hesitant to spend much money on quilts since I do have three pets. They’re not necessarily destructive or anything but a quilt has to be tough, and able to be washed often. Can anyone vouch of Land of Nod’s bedding? Or recommend any tough bedding? Obviously black and white is first choice. 😉
(via: Land of Nod)
Now that I’m pretty darn confident in my succulent growing skills, I love the idea buying cuttings instead of grown plants. San Pedro Cactus sells cuttings in a variety of different quantities. I definitely want to snag some of those when spring comes around.

(via: San Pedro Cactus)
These needle felted hearts are so awesome! Sarah of Once Again Sam is one talented lady!

(via: Once Again Sam)
I don’t think I am ever going to stop being amazed by Andie’s Specialty Sweets. These mushrooms just kill me.

(via: Andie’s Specialty Sweets)

Such a nice little message to see as you leave the house each day.
(via: Modcloth)

Link Love…
 ▴ All about this “Boss Lady” lapel pin!
 ▴ Have you seen Sweet Saba’s designer candy yet? The candy retainer is my favorite.
 ▴ I love how Margot from Strange Flora always sneaks plants into her photos.
 ▴ These taco note cards are kind of hilarious. The note cards come with stickers so you can build your own!
 ▴ Speaking of nice bedding, here are my dream sheets. Spoiler alert : they’re black and white striped, duh.
 ▴ Slightly cheesy, super positive 2016 calendar? INTO IT.

Happy Friday and Happy New Year!!

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