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When I make drastic hair color changes I like to share photos on the blog. See here, here + here. Sometimes it feels kind of funny, like right now, which is exactly why I’m over-explaining it. But I enjoy looking back at these posts for a multitude of reasons. One of which being I’m super forgetful. By the time I’ve applied dye to my hair I’ve usually already forgotten what I used. While what color your hair ends up really depends on what color it was previously, at least the way I change colors, it’s nice to have a point of reference for the next time I inevitably make my way back to this color.

I had let the orange grow out more than I normally do. It was probably the longest I had ever let my roots grow. See?! I just didn’t want to give up the orange but I knew if I redyed it I would regret it. When I finally bleached my roots the pieces of hair that bleach ended up on ended up being an even brighter orange then they were, which is sooo typical when you’re ready to switch colors. All that to say my hair was still VERY orange when I applied dye to it.

I decided to try and use only the dye I had in my cupboard. I have a pretty awesome supply of dye on hand. I have basically every color but of course, I didn’t have what I really wanted – any shade of pink. I mixed a boatload of conditioner with Punky Colour Purple for my top layers and used Punky Colour Atlantic Blue for the bottom. It ended up a little bit less perfect than I was hoping. It wasn’t awful but there was too much orange for my tastes. I definitely diluted it too much. You live and you learn, I guess. After all these years each time I dye my hair it’s still kind of like an experiment. You can see it in this post.

These photos are from after I touched up that dye job. I’m so much happier with this than what I ended up the first time around. I haven’t had pink hair in over seven years. It’s kind of a fun change. It sounds funny for someone who has had orange hair for the past few months to say but I haven’t been all that adventurous with my hair this last year or so. I’ve been sticking around colors that I do often and haven’t been branching out into new combinations. This is definitely a new one for me. 

This is Beyond The Zone Bubble Head Pink, some more Punky Colour Purple, and I hate to admit it… Ion Color Brilliance in Radiant Orchid on the top layer. I also touched up the Punky Colour Atlantic Blue. I hadn’t used ION Color Brilliance since around the time they came out. I hated them then. They have a lot of nice looking colors though, and the price certainly makes them tempting. I thought maybe in the last four years they’d have improved their product. Nope. The second I started applying it I regretted not being more patient and waiting a day or two to grab some Punky Colours instead. Hilariously enough the color barely even showed up once rinsed out but it sure did make a mess of my shower… and towels …and everything else for like a week. I legitimately don’t even know where it was coming from.

Because the main color used is already fading (Beyond the Zone dyes are an okay stand in but kind of an awful idea for using on the majority of your hair) I’m looking forward to touching it up in a few weeks with a slightly different color combo. Maybe I’ll keep the pink or I might go purple instead. Who knows!  For now I’m liking this.

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