the first snow


After an insanely strange start to our winter, we finally got our first snow last week. There was a fifty degree day where I was able to take Klaus on a walk wearing just a sweatshirt and jeans (me, not him obviously!) then the next morning I looked out the window to see it was completely white out. Since the weather had been so crazy I didn’t expect it to last for long, I had to get out and shoot. I’ve been chomping at the bit to shoot some snowy city scenes but clearly haven’t had the opportunity. I texted my friend Anthony “what are you doing right this second!?” hoping I could convince him to go out and shoot with me in this winter wonderland. He recently purchased a new lens and had mentioned a few days prior he was interested in shooting more stuff around the city so I knew he’d be game if he wasn’t already busy.

A hour or so later, and enough layers to make it hard for me to walk, we were on the train heading downtown. We had no real plan except to walk around and take pictures. It had stopped snowing like crazy but the wind had picked up. We decided to talk toward the lake where the wind was whipping so hard it was difficult to walk, especially since the sidewalks were a sheet of ice. It wasn’t as snowy as I had hoped but still beautiful nonetheless. Barely anyone else was outside. Although we did spot some tough guy wearing only a tshirt and jeans?! What even?! I was nearly knocked on my butt by the wind and this dude was like “Nah, I’m too cool for a coat today.”

Cleveland, Downtown Cleveland

We zigzagged back and forth across the city until it start to get dark. The sky turned a dark blue then a red haze took over. It was beautiful. My fingers were frozen but as we crossed the Lorain-Carnegie bridge I wanted to stop every few feet and take photos. I’ve crossed this bridge a million times but never actually taken any photos of the “Guardians of Traffic“. Seen below. I cursed myself for not dragging along my tripod still managed to get a few cool photos anyway.

Cleveland, Lorain-Carnegie Bridge

I love getting out on days like this. The city is so quiet, so peaceful.
Sometimes I still have a hard time believing I live here. It’s weird
growing up an hour away from the city, and never ever visiting to now living
walking distance from a train station that will get me downtown in a
matter of minutes. This country mouse is probably always going to be a little bit in awe of city life. Glimpses of the city like this make me appreciate it so much more.

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