What I’ve been reading…

Well, it’s kind of been a while since I’ve blogged about books, huh? I, of course, missed reading but I’m sure you all know it’s easy for the habit to fall to the wayside. The fact that it’s bubble bath season (basically every other night, all winter long baby!) coupled with taking the train downtown a few times a week means I’ve had a lot more time to read than normal. It’s kind of like a snowball too, the more time I spend reading the more I want to read.

What I’ve been reading…
Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs. It’s the third book in the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series, which I’m sure you’ve probably seen me reference before. I’m not sure I can pick a favorite from the three. They were all great! I honestly can’t recommend these books enough. If you haven’t read them yet, stop reading this post and get to it! …Before the movie comes out this December! Ahhh! Tim Burton, you guys!

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. I read Jenny’s first book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, and LOVED it. So when Amazon was all “hey, that author you loved that book by is writing another one!” I was pumped. Awesomely enough a very kind person offered to send it my way (Thank you, Sarah!) As soon as it showed up I basically spent the next three nights in the tub, getting pruny, and devouring this book. Furiously Happy is more a collection of writings by the author than one single piece that flows. There were certain parts I enjoyed more than other but the simple fact is it made me laugh, it made my cry, and I still feel a great deal of respect for Jenny. This book definitely isn’t for everyone but if you liked her first one definitely give this one a try too!

Suits Me : The Double Life of Billy Tipton by Diane Wood Middlebrook. This book has been hanging out on my bookshelf for a pretty long time. I just kept putting it off for one reason or another but finally started it last week. In full disclosure, I haven’t finished it yet but it’s a pretty crazy story so far. Jazz pianist Billy Tipton was born Dorothy Tipton which nearly no one knew until he died. This guy married multiple women who claimed to not know! I’m not 100% sold on the author, it seems like her writing might eventually lose my interest but the story itself is very intriguing. I can’t wait to see what happens.

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. I feel like I’m not allowed to give an honest review on a classic. I have been staring at my computer for a little while now trying to figure out what to type about The Bell Jar. It kept me interested for a little while but after a while it felt repetitive, and I was basically just reading to finish it and so that no one would talk to me on the train. But hey, I’m glad I finally read the book.

What have you been reading? I’m always looking for recommendations! Normally I have a pretty large collection in my to-read pile but I’ve nearly finished them all up. I need some new books in my life.

You can take a peek at all the other books I’ve blogged about under the “books” tag, and a list of my favorite books can be found here!

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  • Oh YAY! I loved Furiously Happy and I love Jenny Lawson. I met her on her book tour and she is so sweet and genuine. I just love her. And her blog is so hysterical OMG.
    UGH I am going to have to read the rest of the Peregrine books now aren't I because I'll be damned if I miss the movie!! EEEEE!
    I just bought Gulp by Mary Roach because I loved Stiff. You'd probably love these! Mary writes about the history of really basic but random things like eating (Gulp) and death and decomposition (Stiff) but she's a humorist so the way she writes makes it so fun and interesting! You'd really like Stiff I think with all your curiosities. And it's not as gross as you might think. Especially since you can clean skulls and stuff 🙂 I could eat while reading Stiff and I couldn't read your skull cleaning post haha!

    • Also, the skull cleaning post grossed you out? Haha! Sooooorry! That was the suuuuuper PG version of it. I avoided writing about it for so long because I couldn't figure out how to write it without being hella gross but thought that turned out pretty good!

    • OH GOOD! See then I was right. Although now I'm sad cuz you already read my suggestions. HAHA!
      Oh it's ok! I read most of it actually and it was really interesting but I think I could get past the eye removal part. Oh well. Don't be sorry!

  • I won't go into my love for The Bell Jar since you weren't a fan. In 2015 I read 52 books and it was great but this year I'm letting it flow more naturally and have only read one. I am hoping to get to some doorstops like Anna Karenina, Wuthering Heights etc.

    • That's how I feel! Like I should be apologizing for not liking it! Haha.

      I'm actually not a huge fan of reading poetry. Same thing though, I really wish I was and feel guilty for not like it.

  • I tend to stray towards the "weird" and "creepy" books, so I think at some point this year it would be interesting to pick up one of your reads to try something different 🙂

    I just finished the "Suicide Forest" by Jeremy Bates. All in all it was well written, definitely not a book for everyone. I mostly read horror so that I can get those goosebumps on my arms when I READ something that makes me super scared, I like that, but this book didn't make me goosebump. It was more of a "so that's what it's like" kind of book.

    • Hmm! That sounds like an interesting book! I've always been intrigued by that place. I certainly wouldn't mind reading a book about it, even if it is fiction.

  • Ahhhhhh, can't believe that you are already reading the third volume of Miss Peregrine's saga! I'm so jealous. I finished the first book months ago and I'm still waiting for the second one to be published here in Brazil. I guess I will buy the English version then!

  • I'm finally reading Hollow City, it has been on my bookshelf to be read for quite sometime, getting Library of Souls for Christmas gave me the push I needed to get caught up on this series! Cannot wait for the movie either, so excited, love Tim Burton, I watch at least one movie a month that he made! Happy Reading :)!

  • I'm in the middle of All the Light We Cannot See, and I've really enjoying it (One of the characters is blind, so the author does this incredible job at describing sights, sounds, smells, tastes, etc). I took Nightfall by Jake Halpern on a vacation and couldn't put it down!

  • I didn't know Tim Burton was doing a movie of the Ransom Riggs books!! Ahhh! I REALLY hope it's good!

    have you read Wild by Cheryl Strayed? It was an oprah book club, but I just finished it and really liked it! It is a about a woman hiking the Pacific Coast Trail alone for months after her mother's dead sends her into an emotional breakdown. It was one of those that had been on my list forever, and I finally got to it and wished I'd read it earlier. It makes the trip seem like the most amazing thing ever, and the WORST thing ever at the same time.

  • I've read Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and can't wait to pick up the next two. I've set a rule, though, that I can't get a new book until I've finished my book pile. I have to be tough on myself because I have to get rid of lots of boooooks! (Because my new apartment is too small for them all)… That being said I'd recommend Perks of Being a Wallflower or Everybody sees the Ants… they're nice little young adult books about DEEP things 🙂 – Sam

    • I like that when I google "Agatha Christie mysteries" the other things under "People are ask" are "When did Agatha Christie disappear". Now I'm interested. 😉

      But in all seriousness, I'll have to check out her stuff!

  • I just finished Station Eleven and highly recommend it! Also, I feel like you would really enjoy any book by Aimee Bender. The first one I read was The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, which is about a girl who has the ability to taste the emotions of whoever prepared her food. Another good one by her is An Invisible Sign of Her Own, which is about a girl obsessed with numbers. They've been out for awhile so you can get them really cheap.

  • I'm a huge fan of the Home For Peculiar Children Novels! I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday to buy Library of Souls and they had a sign saying "In Theatres 2016" I "EEEEKED!" so bad everyone starred at me for a while! I could not be more excited! And now you're saying its going to be directed by the one and only, my favorite director/creator ever Tim Burton himself! I think I'm more excited for this than I ever was for both the Twilight and Harry Potter finales 😛

  • I have a huge tbr list of books. Currently I'm reading, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, ME and Earl and the dying girl by Jesse Andrews and I just picked up The 5th Wave by Tick Yancey.

  • I'm currently reading The Shannara Chronicles series I'm started with The Sword of Shannara and going to continue through it. I have a adoration for elves and the like. I'm also currently reading my states Hiking and Trail Guide to get to know the land I plan to trek this year before I move to another state!

  • I have been hitting the library hard lately and I just finished The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly and I loved it so much. Read something that tells you what it's about and see if you would be into it. We have a lot of overlap in books that we like but this one is definitely fantasy (which I love) and I'm not sure if that's your thing.
    I can't wait to read the Ransom Riggs books. I am in line at the library because I have too many books and refuse to buy more. Ha! Same with Furiously Happy.

    • That sounds good but is it sad? It sounds like it miiiiight be and I've got enough feels of my own!

      You'll love the Miss Peregrine series since you like fantasy world stuff!!! Can't wait to hear what ya think.

    • Oh also, I like that amazon says the book you recommended in your comment is frequently purchased with Miss Peregrine. So I guess that's I sign I should read it.

  • I totally agree about the Bell Jar. I don't think its awful but it can be…difficult to read? I've read it twice and both times it put me in a major funk for a week or so after.

    I got a book of poetry by Sarah Kay for Christmas called No Matter the Wreckage. I have so many pages earmarked. She's a spoken word poet, so you can also find some videos of her performing online. I recommend checking her out!

    • Oh yeah, total funk for me too. I guess that means it's a good book though? In the sense that what you read was so powerful it affected your mood…? Maybe…? I didn't hate it but it's just not something I would ever re-read.

  • I've readed the two first "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children series"…Here,in France, the third is not published! I loved the first one but I was a bit disappointed by the second (too much war for me) but the serie is fantastic and I adore the strange B&W photos…
    And you surprised me by your announce : a movie!!!! Youhou…by Burton???? Super…here we hear nothing about that!

  • I finally read The Bell Jar last year, I expected so much more out of it because I am a huge Plath fan, in regards to her poetry and The Bell Jar just kind of fell flat for me, I feel like the ending was too thrown together and not quite cohesive.

    I don't know if you're into comics/graphic novels, but Daytripper is beyond beautiful and probably the best thing I've read in the past year. The recent Palahniuk book of his stories is also really good, I like how short they are which makes it a breeze to get through a story when I'm not quite in the mood to read a "real" book.

    • I've actually never read a graphic novel. I'm not 100% sure I'd like them. I was looking for the Fight Club one at my local book store but couldn't find it. I'd be interested to flip through it.

  • my reading list always reverts back to my favorites when I was 18. "Hairstyles of the Damned" – by Joe Meno, "The perks of being a wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky – even if you have seen the movie!, anything by Hurt Vonnegut, especially his books of short stories like "Welcome to the Monkey House", "Looking for Alaska" – by Dutton Juvenile, "Go Ask Alice" by Beatrice Sparks (I personally need to read "The Anonymous Diary Collection" – Lucy in the Sky, Letting Ana Go, the Book of David … all in the tradition of Go Ask Alice. I can think of a million more, but they're all sad and thoughtful fictions/non-fictions about being a teenage and/or a awkward punk kid. There are beautiful staples like "Of Mice and Men" and "The Great Gatsby" that I can read again and again, again because of my English professors teaching us to dig for the meaning in everything. The beauty and heartbreak of the 1920s with authors like F. Scott Fitzgerald, "the beautiful and the damned". okay, this was a stupid long post, sorry!

  • Not going to lie – there are many classics that I just don't really care for. I agree… The Bell Jar was just kind of meh.

    I'm really looking forward to the movie adaptation of Peculiar Children, though!

  • Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Caitlin Doughty is really good/funny/kind of macabre and probably up your alley! Also the Dexter series is good, if you haven't read it – they're dark but funny, similar to Chuck Palahniuk's early stuff. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up is great too, it's semi self-helpy but I think you said you wanted to declutter a bit this year in a previous post? Anyway, it's pretty easy to flick through in chunks at a time but the writing style is cute and conversational without being too patronizing. I read it, rearranged my whole house and got rid of a ton of trash, then got my family and boyfriend to read it too, haha.