Something that has been missing from the blog for a while is pet photos. I used to post them constantly. While there is still a fair share of them on my instagram account, most of them never make their way to the blog. I recently created a hashtag for Professor Stingray because I tend to post a certain kind of photo of him quite often. It’s #fessermakesfaces, and it’s full of the ridiculous faces he makes. Most are post yawn, or mid chirp but some are just plain silly faces I happen to catch with the camera. He’s the most expressive little critter I’ve ever met. At the risk of sounding like a total cat lady (which I am, it’s literally tattooed on my knuckles) he’s the funniest “person” I know. Not a day goes by that this little dude doesn’t make me laugh.

In the nearly six years this little rascal has been in my life not too much other than his fur color has changed with him. He’s always been this rambunctious little cat that’s just full of personality. While browsing for old photos of him, I found the diptych below from 2010. Apparently I’ve always thought his yawn face was hilarious.

Even though it’s easy enough to browse his hashtag over on instagram I thought this little dude needed his own blog post. These photos crack me up, I hope they brighten your day as well.

from 2010. Those tiny teeth!!!


PS. If you need more cuteness in your life, here’s the very first time I posted about him – “a new addition” I can’t even handle the cuteness!

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