It’s the little things…

like catching these two in bed together!!!

I adopted Klaus as a tiny, tiny puppy just around three years ago. I had hoped that a puppy would be the best bet in terms of everyone getting along. I thought that the cats would be able to just give this tiny dog a few little “I’m the boss here” hisses and everything would be golden. Buuuut I was wrong…

After a full year there was barely any progress at all. Klaus was more than interested in being friends but neither of the cats wanted anything to do with him. He was admittedly a little aggressive, not in a bad way but he’s three times their size and an absolute ball energy. Klaus and the cats were rarely ever in the same room together. If Squid was in the hallway, I was in the bedroom and Klaus was on the other side of the house he wouldn’t come to me because he was so afraid of this little black cat who was so clearly head of the house.

Eventually things started to progress. I remember one specific incident where Jeff and I were laying in bed with Klaus and Professor hopped up to get cozy with us. We lost our minds. It was so exciting for them to be that close together. (Everyone in this house is obsessed with cuddling with Jeff… Whatever, he smells nice.) This started happening fairly regularly and when Squid got involved too it was selfie worthy. I have so many grainy photos of the five of us together that I excitedly took.

More progress came when I moved to the apartment I’m living in now. It was like something clicked and all three of the animals were nicer to each other. Eventually the five of us laying in bed together became something completely normal. Klaus and the cats were co-existing successfully! He had backed off trying to give them all the love and they had started to realize this big goon was here to stay no matter how mean they were to him.

Last week I walked into my bedroom to grab something from my vanity. I spotted Klaus in bed and heard Professor in his little tiny collar jingling after me. He hopped up in bed and to my surprise curled up right beside Klaus. This is a first!!!! A super duper exciting first, clearly!

So technically, they aren’t cuddling since they’re not touching but the fact that they’re sharing the bed without me or Jeff in there to play mediator is AMAZING, especially since Professor was the last one in bed. Klaus will often try to hang out with the cats only for them to immediately get up and leave. He tries to bring them his toys sometimes. It’s so sweet. My heart breaks for this big goofy dog who can’t understand why these two cats don’t like him.

I honestly can’t believe it’s taken nearly three years for this to happen. I’ve got hope that maybe some day I’ll walk in and spot them curled up together. It might take another three years but I think it’s gonna happen!

Edited to add this photo I snapped yesterday, a few days after the original post was written. ALL THREE IN BED TOGETHER! Yessss!


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  • It took my two cats about 1.5 yrs to cuddle. Well, my older cat still kind of hates the new younger one, but she won't swat her away if she's already curled up and the younger cats curls up next to her. I was surprised that they progressed after so long! There's still hope for them :p

    • Hehe, that's cute! That's Squid and Professor. She's not a cuddler (except with me and Jeff) but Professor totally is. If she's already laying there and he comes up to cuddle her she won't move like "I guess this is fine. I was already cozy!"

  • Awww!!! We aren't cat people at all but are hoping to add another little someone to our fam but our border collie isn't having it. It's good to know that after awhile it can all click.

  • I'm so happy for you, I know how little steps feel, since I have two cats and one dog too, and my female cat wasn't so happy with my dog, but they made little progress and now they play together which is hilarious, still I have to pay attention with the plays since cats are a little bit crazy

  • So cute! We have a four way stand off – two cats, two dogs! One dog is willing to entertain the cats, and can sometimes be caught snuggling, the other is terrified of them and will growl whenever they come near. But on occasion we have seen them have a little sniff of each other, and it is certainly a lot better than when they first met – the cats wouldn't even be in the same room as the dogs! And as for the dogs – they first met on holiday in a caravan in Wales…three days of glaring at each other from opposite sides of the caravan. 2 years later they now share a bed and the pug can very often be found almost on top of the lurcher in her bid to cuddle him. They love each other so much, it's adorable! One day the cats will get in on the love-in too, I'm sure of it!

    • Awww! Yeah, I get super excited every time Klaus and the cats sniff each other. It feels like such progress that instead of immediately being little jerks they're at least thinking about liking each other.

  • It took my oldest cat (I've adopted her when she was already old, now she's really becoming ancient)six months to move from the upper floor to downstairs and get acquainted with my dogs. She hissed at them for another six months but now she tolerates them… My other three cats actually have a very tigh bond with my younges dog, my Border Collie. They try to give her head buds and then she looks so awkwardly ^^

    • Aww! Your kitties head butting the dog reminds me of a few times where the cats would hit at Klaus and he'd just raise his paw up like "Is this what I'm supposed to do? Is this how we play?"

  • awe, we have a happy hyper kelpie that is going to be 2 years old in May and i honestly have similar worries about getting her a puppy friend much less a kitty. We accidentally taught her to use her paws when she plays (such we use our "paws" when we play with her) and now she smacks puppies in the face and wraps her arms around them (like a hug) when she meets them as a way of starting a "play", but most tend to be "offended" or scared and don't want to play with her.

    • Awwww! Yeah, I get that. Klaus plays very rough with dogs with scares me with strangers' dogs since he kind of has that pit bull looking face. He's an absolutely angel though. He's always very gentle with the cats and I know he would never purposely hurt anyone unless they were hurting his momma.

  • Oh gosh! That is SO SWEET! Well, them being in bed together, FINALLY! I have the opposite problem, my cat (a tonkinese) just loves EVERYONE and thinks everyone is his best friend, which is generally great, unless you're at the vet and he tries to jump out of your arms to greet the giant dog who the owner says 'doens't like cats'. That's one of the main reasons he's an inside cat. I hope it just improves from the all in the same bed, to all snuggled in a cosy animal pile!

  • Aww that is just too darn cute! I'm so happy they are all finally starting to get along. I have three cats and two of them don't like each other, but every now and then I'll catch them snuggled up and it makes me so happy. It's great when all the pets are friends 🙂

  • Congratulations! I've been there but it's one of the most satisfying feelings seeing your "kids" finally getting along. We added another cat to the herd last year. We were thinking that since the newbie was pretty ancient (so old he's made of dust, I swear) it would be smooth sailing. But were we wrong! Even after all this time there are a couple cats that won't cross his path.