Lake Erie Fog

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Earlier in the week I was sitting at my desk typing away when I happened to look out the window and notice that the steeple on the church behind my house was completely hidden by fog. I was already planning on getting out to take photos but seeing that got me moving a little bit quicker. I raced downtown only to realize that a. I really stink at finding free parking and b. that the skyline was basically invisible in the fog. I put a quarter in a parking meter to get fifteen measly minutes that I squandered looking for the perfect shot.

I got back in my car and headed to Edgewater Park, the place I always go when it’s foggy. The closer I got to the water, the foggier it got. I really don’t know what it is but fog makes everything seem so much more magical. I wandered around the park snapping photos for nearly an hour.

cleveland, pier, fog

I searched for “fog” here on the blog because I knew I had shared photos last time it was super foggy here and oddly enough the post from last year went live almost one year ago to the day… and the post basically starts the same too. Guess I can count on being out there photographing the fog again this time next year and probably typing the same thing yet again. Hehe!

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