on the cutting room floor

On the cutting room floor is a series that was started with the sole purpose of sharing photos that didn’t necessarily warrant a whole post but didn’t deserved to just be buried in my photo archives.

At the beginning of the year I made a goal to send out 150 pieces of mail and in the beginning of March I hit that goal! Wahooo! I’m at a 184 pieces sent out right now! I was not expecting to do that so soon. I’m slowly but surely working my way through my pile of incoming mail. I’m really happy with how it’s going so far. I’m connecting with lots of new people! Sitting in bed, or in my living room with a stack of postcards is easily becoming one of my favorite pastimes. I’ve wanted to turn it into a blog series, sharing whats incoming and what I’m sending out, like this post, but I’m still trying to find the perfect way to photograph everything without sharing addresses or details.

first two are outgoing mail, directly above is incoming mail.

After one million years of talking about how cool those color drip candles looked I finally bought two of them. They were soooo pretty! I wish there was something similar but in regular candle form since tall candles make me nervous but that was totally worth it to watch it drip. Also, rose lemonade? Do yourself a favor and try some!

For a while now my taste buds have been changing. I like basically any food I try and I’m down to try just about anything. This is a big deal coming from a former picky eater. The one thing I wanted to like but didn’t? Coffee. I liked basically every other coffee drink except coffee itself. It wasn’t the flavor, it was the texture. It’s like it’s too watery. I prefer thicker, milkier drinks. I was explaining this to Jeff’s sister who was like “Oh, I totally get that. It’s the only reason I use creamer.” For some dumb reason I guess I never thought of creamer making that difference.

Sooo I am now a bonafide coffee addict. I’ve been trying as many different flavors as I can get my hands on. My favorite so far has been the donut shop’s vanilla cream puff.

Since I all of a sudden enjoy long walks, and want to geocache constantly Jeff and I have been getting out literally every chance we get. It’s been really really great. We recently hiked down to check out this tunnel which in the past I can guarantee I would have complained about and it was a ton of fun. I picked ferns and tiny flowers along the way to press in my notebook.

I got two new books of my photos from chatbooks! Back in July I ordered one of all my road trip photos. I liked it so much I decided to sign up for the instagram series. It’s 60 photos from your instagram account that you can edit to your heart’s content: exclude photos, edit
captions, and move things around or you can just get them printed as it. I love love love seeing my photos printed! PS. Don’t forget if you use
code “theda146” you can get your first book free when you subscribe to your Instagram Series.

A massive abandoned cement factory along the lake. Not necessarily worthy of too many photos but a fun adventure none the less and I’m happy to check it off the list. Can I also just say that I love love love hanging out with these three dudes? I have so much fun with Jeff, Jake, and Jason. I am very happy they’re in my life.

And of course, here’s a pretty sunset because there ain’t nothing better! Happy Monday!

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