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Last year around this time a very kind reader, Tasha, sent me an email asking if I wanted a camera that she had laying around. I had never heard of a shackman multishot 102 but a quick google search told me I was verrrrry interested. Time went on, the camera never showed up, and I eventually forgot about it. The announcement that Fuijifilm would be retiring my favorite film got me thinking about all the cameras I’ll probably never shoot and I remembered this one that never showed up in the mail. I hoped that Tasha had just changed her mind and that it hadn’t gotten lost in transit. Apparently my post made her think of the camera too because she sent me an email asking if I still wanted the camera. Heck yessss!

I stalked the tracking number she sent me and hung out at the post office for nearly an hour waiting for them to put it in my box. I rushed home, cleaned the rollers, loaded it up and ran outside to take a photo. First shot was completely black. Crap! I was so bummed out. I fiddled with some settings not really thinking it would help. I went back outside, took the same photo except this time it turned out! I was instantly obsessed. It’s just a simple photo of my neighbors house but ughhhh, I love it so much.

cleveland, ohio, wendy park, whiskey island
You can either take two nearly identical shots, as seen below, or you can cover one of the lenses and take two totally different shots that will appear on one photo, as seen above. Most of the photos I took are slightly overexposed since my hand didn’t make the best light blocking tool but since they were taken on a super foggy day I like them anyway. I think they turned out really great. I audibly made a noise of pure excitement after peeling the shot above open. It’s just so awesome!
After finishing off my first pack of film I made myself a little lens cap from an empty roll of washi tape that just so happened to be the exact size I needed. I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet but I’m confident it will make all the difference in proper exposure.
instant photoWendy Park, instant photo
cleveland, film, instant photo
Cleveland, film, multishot 102

I’m SUPER excited to play around with this camera more. I have so many ideas I want to try out with it, it’s going to be super hard to hoard my film now that I have this baby to play around with. I’m positive you’ll be seeing a lot more instant photos taken with this camera on the blog in the future.

Thanks again, Tasha! You rule! This camera is sure to be well taken care of for a very very long time!

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