the cult of Fitbit

I’ve joined a cult. The Cult of Fitbit. Let’s back up though. You know how Facebook is super creepy and tells you all the stuff your friends comment on, even when the post they were commenting on wasn’t even written by a mutual friend? Yeah, so, a friend commented on someones status that was an article about how addicting Fitbits were. I clicked on it and was basically sold right away. It was just one of those things that I could totally see myself getting into. I didn’t really expect to buy one any time soon, I just took a mental note to look in to more in the future.

Later that day Jeff and I were in the car, heading to the grocery store, when I remembered what I had read about earlier. I told him all about it and he was basically like “Yeah, I know! I was thinking about getting one too.” That’s how twenty minutes later we were in Target “just looking”. Ten more minutes and we were back sitting in the car getting our Fitbit Charge HRs all set up.

If you’re not familiar, basically Fitbits are pumped up pedometers. Depending on the model you get, it logs your steps, how many floors you’ve climbed, how many calories you’ve burned, your heart rate, how many miles you’ve walked and your sleep. In the app you can log what you’ve been eating and how much water you’ve drank. It displays all this information neatly in the app so it’s easy to read and understand. You can set goals, join challenges with friends for some healthy (literally) competition, and so much more.

Fitbit being worn
The last pose is called “try to annoy your camera hog dog so he gets out of your shots” and it didn’t work.

I have an embarrassing secret, I hate walking. It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s just that I need the right motivation. I need to know that I have a destination, or a specific reason to walk. Basically, I need some sort of reward for walking. Yeah, I’m kind of lazy… Fitbit is somehow turning walking into something fun for me though. Since I’ve gotten this thing I have gotten SO much more exercise than normal simply because I love beating my own “high score”. I don’t expect it to perform any miracles or all of a sudden make me super ripped but I am, without a doubt, moving more than normal, and that rules!

It seems so funny for me to be writing this post because I’m totally not into “fitness”.  Sure, I love riding my bike but I’m usually riding it to go get ice cream, or pizza. I don’t regularly work out, and I’m more than happy to eat a donut for breakfast.  But, of course, I would love to feel healthier. I know I need more exercise, and this stupid little watch thing-a-majig was apparently exactly what I needed to get my butt in gear. Fitbit has made getting up and moving around fun. I love checking my stats and trying to get more steps than Jeff’s mom (who is an absolutely beast! Three cheers for her!!)

This is in no way a sponsored post but I am totally encouraging you to join a cult so… I apologize. It’s the kind of fun you can’t really understand until you try it. Even Jeff is hooked! Any other Fitbit users out there reading? Aren’t these things so much fun?! Why didn’t anyone tell me to get one earlier?!

PS. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start talking about my Fitbit all the time. I might casually mention it from time to time if I totally crush my goals but other than that my lips are sealed… maybe.

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  • I'm totally the same way about walking! I actually love walking but when you live in the suburbs its super hard to find the motivation since its almost impossible to walk anywhere. It's part of the reason I moved to Russia because I knew if I didn't have a car I'd HAVE to walk. 😉

  • Have you ever tried an app called the Walk? It's a fitness app by Six to Start that tracks your steps throughout your day and logs them as "minutes walked." The app is story based and after a certain amount of minutes walked you get access to an audio file of the next part of the story. No spoilers, but you get thrown into this spy mystery story that you become a major part in, and by the end of the app, you've walked the length of the UK.

    It was an excellent motivator for me, especially when I would get bored walking to work all the time. Its basically a video game as a pedometer and I love it :]