the end of an era

If you asked me what my favorite camera was I wouldn’t even have to think about it. It’s my Polaroid land camera. I bought my first one back in 2011. I was in love almost instantly. I even wrote a post about it which you can read here. It became something I lugged around with me everywhere.

Then in 2013 Fujifilm announced they would no longer be producing FP-3000b, the black and white film that worked with this camera. After Polaroid announced they’d quit making 600 film I guess I thought it meant it would be a little bit harder to find but you can get anything on the internet, right? Well, not necessarily. I wasn’t going to risk that again. I immediately stocked up. I mean I bought A TON of that black and white film…like a couple hundred dollars worth. The price soared shortly after my investment and it continues to rise to this day. It’s still available for purchase through Amazon and other photo websites but the price is just under five times what was when I started purchasing it. (AKA I have a gold mine in my refrigerator!)

pacific coast highway

When that happened I decided I’d save that film that I stocked up on, only using it when I felt it absolutely necessary. I’m just looking out for future Kaylah who might desperately need black and white film for her land camera someday. I started using FP-100C, the color film, on a more regular basis. It was only around eight to ten dollars a pack so I’d buy it when I needed it instead of stock piling like I do with my other films.

Last week Fujifilm announced the heartbreaking news that they would be ceasing production of FP-100C as well. My eyes instantly welled up. I might have shed a few tears, and I definitely let out a string of colorful words. I know it’s not really something you’d understand unless you shoot this film but this is devastating news for me. It’s weird how you can become to attached to something like this.

I felt like the best way to grieve was to sit down with my albums and pore over the photos. I realized I hadn’t shared any from 2015’s big road trip. These are some of my favorite photos I took on the trip. Some from the middle of the desert, and other from the Pacific Coast Highway, all very special to me.

Wigwam Village, film, fujifilm
Bixby Bridge, film, california coast

It’s scary how film is becoming harder and harder to get your hands on. I have a handful of patches and pins that say things like “film is not dead” and as much I want to believe that I have to admit, film is dying… or at least becoming really really unobtainable. It’s such a bummer to watch prices soar!

I love digital and I’d basically be lost without my DSLR but using film is something that just can’t be replicated. Shooting with instant film is such a great feeling, and peel-a-part film like FP-3000b, and FP-100C is just the bees knees! It’s so satisfying. While it’s still available buy alllll the film that you can!

 patch by Asilda Store

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  • It makes me think about when I was at school my photography teacher got a gold mine of a discontinued instant film stash from a student. It was probably heavily aged, but it probably would of gotten some cool effects. I wish I could of seen what she did with it.