what I wore : stripes + polka dots

Cleveland Fashion Blog, polka dot skirt, kaylah doolan
pins, lapel pin
Cleveland Fashion Blog, purple hair, kaylah doolan
Cleveland Fashion Blog, polka dot skirt, kaylah doolan, purple hair


shirt – TJ Maxx
sunglasses – Carine c/o Moorea Seal
camera bag – Jo Totes
shoes – Blowfish Shoes

This is just one of those outfits that makes you feel like a million bucks… even if the wind is working against you. Blowing your hair every which way (bangs + wind = the worst) and giving you silly outtakes like the one seen below. Awkwardly grabbing my own boob in public, or in the process of pulling my sweater back in place? That’s for you to decide.

Sorry, I had to include that. I wasn’t expecting it so when I was scrolling through my photos I nearly had water come out my nose. I always think to myself that I’d like to share outtakes from time to time, but they get buried, and I eventually forget about them. Sometimes I feel like such a dork sharing all these posed photos of myself. I try to be “natural” but of course, in front of the camera, I try to stand a little straighter, make sure my hair is in place, and my clothes are sitting perfectly. I’m a little bit more disheveled than that. We all are. So in the future? More outtakes! I’ll save them up and even put them in a post of their own.

Hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday!

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