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I was just about to type that Spring is here as an excuse why I have another one of my beach forts to share with you today it’s actually been really cold this week. The other night it was hailing snow, or something?, so loudly that it woke both Jeff and I up in the middle of the night. When I took Klaus outside the next morning the ground was just covered in tiny snowballs! We’re only a few days in but it’s been a crazy April so far. Regardless, it’s like I can’t help it. My mind knows it’s beach season, even if the weather doesn’t agree with me, so I’ve been heading there without even really thinking about it.

My last big trip to the beach including making this mini fort on a secluded section of my favorite Cleveland beach. I liked the spot because 1) there was a lot of driftwood there just begging for me to do something with it, and 2) you can see part of the skyline from here. While it didn’t photograph as beautifully as planned I still really like it.

As I made my way over to this spot I picked up all the beach glass I found. I ended up leaving the majority of it inside the fort for someone else to enjoy but had to take the piece above home. It just looked like a huge chunk of green but when I held it up to the light I saw that it had a bit of a pattern inside. I’m not really sure where glass like the comes from but I dig it! I’ve been finding a lot of really awesome stuff lately. I’m sure I’ll write a whole post about it soon, I have lots of pictures to share.

I went back a few days after building this fort and this section of the beach had actually kind of just disappeared. The water was so high that there wasn’t a trace left of my fort, or anything else for that matter. I hope someone got to enjoy it before the waves washed it away.

I’m itching to get back. I’ve always kind of been an all or nothing kind of person in regards to my hobbies. I’m either completely obsessed or not really interested and it tends to come in waves. Last year I took it easy on the beach, I actually barely spent any time there.Β  Right now the beach is all I can think about. I think it’s safe to say its my “happy place”. I’m looking forward to the weather warming up a bit more and getting back to making my found on the beach arrangements! I have a feeling by the end of the summer y’all are going to be like “Kaylah, shut up about beach forts” so sorry, not sorry in advance. Building these is really relaxing to me and leaving things for others to find makes my heart happy!

Hope you’re having a lovely Thursday! Maybe go spend some time at the beach for me today if you get a chance?

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Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • LOVE this. I love that you build these things and find/leave glass. I found a cool stone the other day in the woods when I was walking, it was so white against all the orange leaves. Inspired by you I popped it on a fallen tree trunk for someone else to see. You have changed my life for the better, is that a creepy thing to say? It's just nice to have someone make you realise life can be filled with art and fun stuff even in the smallest way πŸ™‚ – Sam

  • If I came across one of your beach forts I would think 1.) this is some sort of witch stuff and 2.) how neat!!
    It's so cool to leave things behind for people to find. I've turned over a few pennies in my day to make them lucky, but now I'm thinking I should step up my game….

  • Your beach forts are so cool, I would freak out if I ever stumbled upon something so neat on the beach! Man this weather has been crazy, it was 80 degrees here one day, and then below freezing the next! My poor plants are freaking out..

  • I'm reading this on my desk shift at the library where the children's department is making houses for fairies and elves out of found natural objects. I like to think they'll graduate into beach forts. (Looove your glittery boots!)

  • This beach seems to be so calm and quiet. I live in a big city and there's a beach too in 2 hours away from my home, but it isn't calm. You can't relax walking by a shore. Water crawls on the beach, people here and there, strong wind 24/7. Wish I have a place to rest of this kind, like on your photos.

    P.S. Sorry for all the mistakes, english is not my native language.