Cleveland Magazine’s cover girl

by Kaylah Stroup
Kaylah Doolan

I got an email a little over a month ago from Cleveland Magazine asking if I’d like to be included in a piece they were doing about millennials in Cleveland. I originally wasn’t too into it. I dunno, writing about millennials kind of feels played out. I emailed back asking for a little bit more information. I felt a lot better after the second email. The piece seemed like it would be pretty fun as opposed to being the same old thing everyone seems to be writing about in regards to the subject.

That same day I got to explore the Knox County Poorhouse, which was already the best day everrrrr,  I got an email from someone else over at Cleveland Magazine that said something along the lines of “Don’t tell anyone yet but we’re thinking of possibly making you the cover.” Jeff and I went out for pizza that night and without saying anything I slid my phone over to him so he could read the email. I made a bunch of excited squeaky noises and tried my best to push it out of my head because I would hate to get excited about something and then have it not happen.

Cleveland, magazine,

A week or so later I met Madeline from Cleveland Magazine at Starbucks for the interview. I was shaking like a leaf but eventually cooled off once we started talking. The interview actually ended up being a blast. I had a ton of fun talking to her! I’m not really all that great at talking about myself (in person, that’s basically all I do here on the blog…) but she was easy to talk to. That or I was well caffeinated. Caffeine is my social lubricant of choice!

After that I had about forty minutes to mentally prepare myself for the photoshoot. They did my makeup which was really fun, I’ve never had my makeup done before. Kinda wish that could be a regular occurrence because my eyeliner was on point. They took a bunch of photos in a handful of different settings but I still wasn’t sure if I would be making the cover and was too nervous to ask. I did hear the word “cover” during the shoot but again, tried to not get too excited.

 A few more weeks go by, Jeff and I are laying in bed when a notification from instagram that I had been tagged in a photo showed up. I opened it and immediately shoved it in Jeff’s face. “LOOK! OH MY GOSH!” There I was, on the cover! I was so nervous/excited/a million other emotions I couldn’t bring myself to look at for any amount of time.
My brother and nephew checking it out.

I waited to tell my parents until I had a physical copy and I was able to show them in person. I wanted to see their reactions. It just so happened I was able to pick up a copy from my PO box on Easter morning so I was able to show my whole family at once. It was a really exciting, although still slightly embarrassing. I guess I’m just the kind of person who loves and hates attention equally at the same time.

Barnes and Noble! Ahhh!

Right now my current excitement is seeing my face in stores. While Cleveland Magazine is obviously a local magazine, it’s available at a heck of a lot of places. There is a full run down of all the newsstands here. Every time I go out now I usually make an excuse to stop at at least one spot that I know carries the magazine just so I can see it.

Pretty awesome, huh? I’d say 2016 is off to a rad start for me.


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