geocaching : an update

I blogged last month about how I was finally starting to get into geocaching. (See here!) I think it’s safe to say I am 100% obsessed. More than that, all my friends are too! This last month has been rad. We’ve all been going out about once a week hunting for caches after everyone gets off work. It’s been an awesome excuse for us all to get together, not that we need one, and it’s fun to have one more thing to bond over.

 The other night Jeff and I went out to find a few that I thought were at a beach I frequent. Turns out they were a little bit away and somewhere neither of us had been before. While they weren’t the easiest to find in the dark, the view was just perfection. First photo in this post. It’s crazy to me that I’ve been living here for two years and I’m still finding new spots. Even in the dark I could see that it was prime for beach glass. I went back the next morning and honestly found some of the best pieces of beach glass I have ever seen in person. Without that cache I would have probably never stumbled upon that beach. Three cheers for this silly new hobby leading me to new places.

I think I can speak for everyone in our little group of friends when I say that the best one we’ve found yet was a multi-cache. That means that the coordinates led us to something that wasn’t the actual cache but a container that gives you another clue to find the real cache. In the first there was a key, and it unlocked a faux utility box which was where the log actually was. We’ve been talking about hiding our own caches for others to find but that really got our gears spinning. We have some grand plans for hiding our own now! I want hide things that make people as excited as that one made us. I also want to hide ones that really stump people. Jeff and I currently have three that we just cannot find and it’s maddening.

At the end of last month we hid our first one! It’s definitely not too exciting or difficult, just a film canister with a log inside hidden along a path with a beautiful view of one of Cleveland’s bridges but it’s a fun start none-the-less. Someone went looking for it within hours of it getting approved, which is unbelievably exciting to me. Last night Jeff and I went to go check on it… and it was gone! I definitely didn’t expect it to go missing so soon. Even though I’m understandably feeling a little discouraged, I’m looking forward to hiding more of them.

Look how tiny this one was! We had the hardest time getting the log back in that stupid thing.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I can’t recommend geocaching enough. It’s been a great excuse to spend more time outside, it provides something fun to do with your friends, and you’re more than likely going to discover some new places. Plus who doesn’t love a treasure hunt?! (If you’re still totally clueless about what in the Sam Hill geocaching is, check out this link for some answers)

PS Did you spot the two caches hidden in this post?

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