It’s the little things…

like watching the sunset on the beach with your favorite person.

I know, I know. So many of my “The Little Things” posts are about sunset but sunrise and sunset are such a magical time of day. It doesn’t matter what kind of day you had, something about watching the sun set and hearing those waves crashing into shore makes everything else just fade away.

Jeff and I didn’t get to do anything too special for our anniversary. He was recently offered a full time job (woooo paid vacation!) in the tax department of a nearby city, and tax day happened to fall on our anniversary this year so needless to say he was whooped by the time we finally got to see each other. Our favorite pizza, macarons, and lots of cuddles were the highlights of our two year celebration. While it kind of stunk that we didn’t get more time together, its definitely for the greater good (like I said, paid vacation, yo!) plus earlier in the weekend we had a really great day. So good that it’s probably only fair that our time together Monday evening lasted about three hours before we were dead asleep. 

So back to Saturday, we ended up at the “new” beach that we had discovered while geocaching a few weeks earlier. When we got there I could see from a little ways back that the tide was all wrong for picking glass. I was disappointed but it was a beautiful evening so just walking the beach with my favorite dude was more than enjoyable. On our way back we stopped at the furthest edge of the beach before heading back to the car and ended up finding a real “nectar sector!” (Do yourself a favor and watch the show Diggers. It’s available on Netflix. It’s sooo bad that it’s good. Jeff and I have picked up so many stupid little sayings that we crack up about all the time.)

We picked glass for so long in this little tiny area. Let me tell you, the picking was good! It was so much fun hunting for treasures with Jeff, and trying our hardest to avoid getting wet all while the sky put on a beautiful show of color for us. When I think back on it it just feels like we were there forever, in our own little world. I really can’t explain why this trip to the beach felt so much more awesome than normal but it definitely did. Sometimes words just can’t adequately do the job I guess.

lake erie beach glass, cleveland, beach glass,
lake erie beach glass, cleveland, beach glass

I know life is hectic and sometimes it feels like there just isn’t enough time but I swear I have never in my life regretted watching the sunset. Make it a point to get out sometime this week and let the sky show you something beautiful!

The little things is an on-going series celebrating the little things that make life special. 

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