the cult of Fitbit – one month later

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A little over a month ago I made a really awesome spur of the moment purchase, a fitbit. You can read my original post here. It took all of about fifteen minutes for me to become completely enthralled with this thing. I was a little worried my enthusiasm for it would quickly dwindle but it hasn’t at all!
I originally purchased the Charge HR in teal… and almost immediately regretted that decision. I went into that thinking that you could change the band like you can with the Flex but you can’t. That was my first qualm with it. The second thing, which was the real deal breaker, was that it was just too bulky for me. It’s honestly not that large at all but for someone who can barely stand to wear a bracelet for a full day it just wasn’t going to work no matter how much I liked it. Don’t even get me started on sleeping with it on. It literally would wake me up at night because I would be like “what’s on my wriiiiist?!” Don’t mind things on your wrist or sleep on your hands? The Charge HR is awesome!
Luckily Fitbit was releasing a new smaller model, the Alta, right around the same time I made my initial purchase. I stalked the internet trying to figure out when I could buy it but for some reason they kept the release date on the hush hush. Toward the end of March I finally found a WalMart a half hour away that had the one I wanted in stock. As soon as I put it on I knew that switching was exactly what I needed to do.
I bought the Alta in black, instead of one of the other more fun colors. It’s so much slimmer than the Charge HR and looks a lot more like an accessory than some sort of fitness gadget. Best of all, you can buy different bands for the Alta so you aren’t stuck wearing the same thing with every single outfit.  I figured black was a good starting point and sometime in the future I’ll start building a collection of bands for it.
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When I originally bought my Fitbit I thought it would just be fun but I think it’s safe to say this thing has kiiiiind of changed my life. I feel SO much healthier than I did one month ago! I didn’t realize how much walking just a liiiittle bit more each day would effect me. I have so much more energy. Klaus gets to go on more/longer walks which makes us both happier. Jeff and I are enjoying night walks around the neighborhood. I basically look for any reason to get up and move now!
I’m still working a day or two a week at the flower shop. I used to take the train but since getting a Fitbit I’ve been walking the three miles from my house to downtown. Every time I do it it’s an easier walk. It’s such a wonderful start to the day too. I feel so much more connected to the city. I enjoy it so much that I even walked in the rain to work last week which is kind of a huge deal considering I hate being damp. Funny enough, it ended up being one of my favorite trips thus far.
Since starting this journey, I’ve been walking 5.5 miles a day on average. I guess it really doesn’t sound like that much but its absolutely an improvement for me. I didn’t realize how little I actually walked until I saw how much effort I had to put into getting the recommended 10,000 steps each day. The best thing is every week since I’ve started tracking I’ve walked further than the last. I could go on and on about how much I love being able to see all my statistics but I’ll refrain since it’s probably not all that interesting to anyone but me! It’s super satisfying though.
I seriously cannot recommend getting a Fitbit enough. It’s not magic but the fact that it’s got me walking (and LOVING those walks) certainly seems like magic.

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  • I play roller derby and know a few ladies along with me that prefer the Fitbit Charge HR because it has the heart monitor that's more accurate when we are on our skates. 🙂

    • That is definitely the one thing I slightly miss about the Charge HR. I never really paid attention to it while I had it but now I'm always like "I should check my heart rate! Oh…nevermind."

  • How fun! I am glad you love your Alta! My boyfriend works at Fitbit and the Alta release was definitely a big deal, so I'm happy to see you're a fan 🙂 I'm a Charge HR girl myself, but I do like how you can change the bands on the Alta! I also think its fun to see all of my stats, so you aren't alone 😉

    xoxo Jess

  • I have used the zip for about 3 years. It recently died, and i have been eyeing the Alta ever since fitbit sent me the 'coming soon' email. I was about to purchase it, but decided to do a bit of research beforehand.. I dug up tons of online articles about people saying the fitbit may cause cancer (because of the blue ray attributes), and also a ton of people having side effects from wearing a fitbit – rashes, tingling sensations in their hands that wouldn't stop until they took it off. It scared me… Since reading all of that, I've been putting my fitbit alta purchase on hold. I was wondering your thoughts on this? Have you experienced anything funky?

    • Whaaat? That's super strange. I would say those cases are definitely extreme cases that are far from the norm. If you're super worried about it I would suggest contacting Fitbit directly and seeing what they have to say about it.

  • I've been interested in getting a heart rate monitor for a number of years but just never did, this year I started really looking at the fitness trackers because I thought it might help me with my recovery for my back if I had something tangible to work against.

    So anyway, i was actually looking at fitbits for a while but I just wasn't sure if I wanted all the gadgetry to go with it (If so I mis well purchase a smart watch) so I wound up purchasing the up3. I found a lot of reviews complaining that there was not a screen however this is exactly one of the reasons I purchased it. It looks just like a bracelet. I'm not distracted by looking at it while at work and it has pretty sweet sleep monitoring light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep. I thought I was going to regret not getting a fitbit but I'm actually pretty pleased. 🙂

    Chrissy of

  • that's a really great improvement. I would love to get one with my husband so we can do it together, I desperately want him to get more exercise, but I can't make him do it and I hope this will help him….

  • The walking will continue to get easier! I actually lost like 20 pounds over 5 years in college because I didn't have a car and had to walk every where. When I first got to Russia I felt SO out of shape and it would be a struggle to walk even 15 minutes. Now I feel like I can walk for hours. You have an ideal location living near a city. I hated living in the suburbs because you HAVE to drive everywhere.