living room refresh : part two

black bookcase, plants

A few weeks ago I shared a little bit about my current living situation. Wording it like that makes it sound more dramatic than it really is. Hah! Like I said in that post I’m ready to move. I have my sights set on the perfect spot but I’m currently on a wait list for it, I could move in a month or a year. Who knows! That means the new place is all I think about though, making it hard for me to really appreciate the absolutely adorable place I already live. I’ve been trying to do all sorts of little things to keep myself excited about my current apartment, including keeping it extra tidy, buying new plants, and rearranging furniture and knick knacks. So far, so good!

My latest little project was painting this bookshelf. It was just a cheap bookshelf that I’ve had for at least five years, originally purchased for fabric storage. I was over it. It didn’t fit my style and just kind of looked out of place with the rest of my things. The thought of painting it had come up before but I just figured it was such an old, cheap piece that I didn’t really love that it wouldn’t be worth it. I ended up having some left over paint from another project I worked on with one of my favorite companies (more details coming soon!) so I decided to just give it a whirl. Worst case scenario? It looks bad and I get rid of it sooner than anticipated. No big deal.

Two coats of black paint later… and I’m OBSESSED. Like can’t stop walking into the living room to glance at it, and wondering why I didn’t do this years ago – obsessed! I can’t count how many times I said “Jeff, dude, the bookshelf looks so good! Doesn’t it?!” It makes all of my books, photo albums, and knick knacks really pop. I know, it’s not a huge deal. It’s just a black bookcase but there’s this certain satisfaction from doing it yourself. This post is me taking note that painting something might just be the best way to get stoked about your space again!

I was reading a little bit about painting fake wood and realized that painting furniture is a thing that people seem to really get hooked on. Either you hate it, or you looooove it. It’s safe to say, I caught the bug. After seeing what a huge difference this bookcase made on the whole room, I want to paint e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. I might even start my next project today…

Sometimes I really wish I lived in an all white, minimalistic place but I can’t imagine I would like it more than this. One of the things I enjoy about moving so much (although I hopefully won’t be moving again for a long time after this next move) is being able to try out so many different styles and always be redecorating. I don’t consider myself a decorating expert but I really do enjoy playing around, and hey, gonna toot my own horn here, I’m not half bad.

Pssst. Here’s the full living room tour. It’s kind of outdated now. A lot of things have been moved around but that should give you a better idea of the room, plus you can see what that bookshelf used to look like.

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