on the cutting room floor

On the cutting room floor is a series that was started with the sole purpose of sharing photos that didn’t necessarily warrant a whole post but didn’t deserved to just be buried in my photo archives.

Last weekend was a good weekend. While I did nothing blog worthy per se, I did end up with a handful of photos I want to share. I think that celebrating the little happy moments in life is super important. Writing these things down and looking back on them is one of my favorite things. Not even the tiniest bit embarrassed to admit that I often get lost in my own blog archives. Life moves so fast and things change so quickly, it’s nice to stop for a second to acknowledge that despite all the little annoyances, everything is pretty darn cool.

A quick run down of the day these photos were taken; Sunday morning Jeff and I slept in (until like 8:30am which really isn’t sleeping in for anyone except us) then got breakfast at Bonbon, one of our favorite spots. If you go, get the bubble & squeak! Who would have ever guessed that brussel sprouts would end up being one of my favorite foods?! From there we headed over to the bridge we climbed on our first date, enjoyed a beautiful view of the city and watched the people below. A little bit later in the day we ended up in a cemetery geocaching where I found my first 17 year cicada. To end the day we took a short hike where I found mushrooms and more interesting critters.

Hope you’re having a lovely day.

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  • Kaylah honey I love you but if you ever come to Boston and we get to hang out and you let something like that crawl on you in my presence I will straight up cry and/or murder you. ECK!!!!!!!! I hope to God nothing like that even lives here. KILL IT WITH FIRE.

  • I love these posts. It really is the little moments like this that are worth remembering & posting about, regardless of how "blogworthy" they might be in the blogosphere. That little cicada is soo cute, I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't resist making little insect friends on my hikes.


  • *Googles 17 year cicada.*

    This is so cool! I never knew about them being on such a insane cycle! When I was a kid I used to find a bunch of them (maybe it was only for one year though…and seventeen years ago would have been just in the right timeline). I was too afraid as a kid to mess with the live ones, so I used to collect their shed shells and put them on a bed of grass in a big coffee can (and pretend they were alive?).

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂