Salton Sea of the Midwest – 2016

by Kaylah Stroup

Yesterday Jeff and I took a drive to one of our favorite little vacation spots of yesteryear, the abandoned trailer park. We first discovered this spot in early 2015 and have since made a few voyages there. It doesn’t seem to be losing it’s charm for either of us. It’s such a cool spot and it seems like each visit I find something new. Yesterday, multiple times, I said “I don’t remember seeing this last time, do you?!”

I wish I had more information on this place since I really do enjoy sharing that sort of stuff in my posts about abandoned places but I’ve got nothing on this spot. The most I can offer you is that this was a vacation area along a lake. The road is lined with rotting cottages, and colorful trailers, both full of furniture and possessions. No idea why it closed and why even if the grounds that the trailers were on closed that people didn’t come back to haul out their vacation homes. Seems awfully silly to just leave them, unless of course they weren’t owned individually but rented instead. Regardless, dishes left in the sink of one trailer make it look like there was intention to come back. Abandoned places like this one have such an air of mystery surrounding them.

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 I was a little nervous heading out on this trip that I wouldn’t be able to find anything different to shoot, that I would essentially be taking the same shots I had already taken. Aside from the few I tried to reshoot, I feel like I captured all new stuff. I’m really excited about my photos. I’m also really excited to continue to photograph this place, documenting how it changes. While trying to write this post I kept getting distracted, flipping back and forth between this and the old posts seeing how things have progressed.

The photo above is one of the few that I had remembered taking on a previous
visit and tried to at least somewhat replicate so I could compare. Without actually referencing the photo I’d say I did a pretty awesome job getting a very similar shot.
It looks drastically different since I last saw it just around a year
ago. (You can find the original photo in this post.) Ohio’s four very distinct seasons are definitely rough on abandoned things. I’ll never get over the huge difference between the stuff we have out here compared to the places we’ve found in the desert.

Our trip was fairly uneventful and quick. Middle of the day on a weekend is never really a good time to explore. Although this spot is obviously a bit secluded it’s near some occupied homes so we tried our best to be quick and quiet. The big excitement for me came hours later while laying in bed watching a movie. I was running my fingers through my hair when I felt something. I thought it was a scab, and I was curious but not too concerned so I pulled it out. I glanced at my finger and found a tick. Yuuuuuck! It’s pretty hard to gross me out and generally I love all sorts of creepy crawlies but I had to shower immediately after that. Ticks just freak me out. Those suckers are dangerous. I wasn’t just grossed out, I was offended this little jerk thought he could hitch a ride of me. I’m still really grossed out and basically want to stand in a scalding hot shower all day but I guess I should just be glad he never latched on. Moral of the story? Don’t forget to check for ticks, ALWAYS!

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